Dilvpoetry Tube-T7 tube Headphone Amplifier

Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
Good hybrid Tube Amp
Pros: Solid and simple design, display window, XLR balanced inputs and outputs.
Cons: Tube options limited, not for sensitive IEMs

The packaging of the Tube T7 is minimal and efficient. it contains the amplifier, tubes and power adapter. Construction is solid and the overall design is simple and good looking hybrid. The volume knob offers a smooth and tactile feeling with a click eat step forward, Display is easy to read and to use.

In hybrid amps a lot of gain is not necessary because in tube true amps the output voltage created by the tubes has to be a much higher because the output transformer lowers it in the process.
This is needed to boost output current. Therefore multiple tubes are needed for regular true tube amps while hybrid tubes can work with just one tube in general. The Tubes add distortion but in a good way creating harmonics. We will keep it at that simple and short winded. There are many good articles explaining Tube vs Hybrid and Tube in general. Hybrid basically means that it uses tubes in the preamplifier stage, while using solid state for the actual amplification.


Item specifics
Audio Outputs: 6.35mm Headphone Jack, XLR
THD: 0.05% Model: Tube-T7
S/N Rate: ≧105dB Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Max power output: 1500mW/32Ω Audio Inputs: RCA, XLR
Power supply: DC12V Type: Tube Amplifier
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (±0.5dB) Color: Black
Brand: Dilvpoetry

I paired the Tube T7 with the ifi iDSD Signature, Aune X1s and mostly the SMSL 100M DACs for testing.
I found the tube amp to be easy to use and was up and running in just a few minutes. It worked very well with most of my IEMs and Headphones with the exception of all BA and very sensitive IEMs that there was a light hiss when not playing audio. Other than that it worked well.

Bass response was larger and more open than before not by a large margin but noticeable, the tubes gave a little more increase to Bass and a slight warmth. Mids did have warmth but remained closer to the neutral side, Treble was more relaxed yet not taking away much of the sparkle. In general it was fairly neutral sounding with a slight warmth most likely from the Tubes. When switching to the balanced output, everything becomes a lot clearer and richer overall.

Conclusion: This is a well made Hybrid Tube amp and would be nice for the beginner, it plays well with single DD IEMs but low impedance and multiple BA ones are not recommended, its a great compromise between solid state and Tube giving you the best of both worlds in one easy to use device. I like it much better than the small hybrids I've had in the past.

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