Devilsound DAC

General Information

All-in one combo DAC-USB cable-RCA interconnect.

From the manufacturer: Version 2.1 Building on the solid foundation of the v2 DAC, the v2.1 features clear improvements in tonality. Cryogenic treatment results in smoother, cleaner presentation, with greater instrument detail and a more realistic sound stage. For technical details on the DAC, see the devilsound DAC design page.

A merger between the computer audio and audiophile worlds, the DAC brings the highest quality components and advanced audio circuitry to your home computer (PC or Mac), giving you amazing audio play back with plug and play simplicity.

Through clever design and meticulous engineering, the entire sound card circuitry has been engineered to fit into a single USB to RCA cable. Simply plug one end into your computer, and the other into your stereo for clean, clear sound.

The devilsound DAC bypasses your computer's built-in sound card, bringing the benefits of an audiophile grade digital to analog converter to your computer, with single cable simplicity.

The non-oversampled (NOS) output stage puts minimal processing between you and your music. By eliminating the harsh digital filtering used in most commercially available audio devices, the devilsound DAC creates exceptionally open, natural sound. The DC-coupled output insures exact reproduction of low frequency notes, with no time-smearing.

The result is clear, detailed audio, with deep, articulated bass.

"Excellent sound quality, reasonable price, and absolutely simple to use." – Computer Audiophile


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