Denon Urban Raver In-Ear Headphones, Blue (AH-C100BU)

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  1. MrTechAgent
    "Is There Any Top End Detail At All ? "
    Pros - Fairly Obedient Mid-Range , Cable Thickness After Y-Split , Nice Box And Accessories
    Cons - No Upper Treble Detail , Awful Comfort , Fragile Plug - TRRS Re-Plug Necessary , Bass Extension , Original Retail , Horrendous Weight On Ears
    Since this is a IEM review I'll keep it short , I have no respect for IEMs ...I wish I could use headphones in the bed but since I cannot I have to resort to IEMs , not a IEM guy 
    I picked her up in between $30-40 so it was a fair deal , the Denon's come in a nice box , a very nice one ...good stuff in it too so I was quite happy , the sound was decent too , the thing I hated was the awful comfort , not a negative design so I can understand that it's not a perfect bed headphone but they never fit , I tried those stupid comply tips and found them to be as useless as well , that's one ...I have another complain , the PVC they use for the cable insulation is the worst one , man this thing took forever to become straight , it was stuck at the original shape for almost 3 months , really pissed me off , here's the third ...that's the plug , the plug is nice looking with good Denon accents but in the end its as useless as a cheap TRS , I couldn't find a TRRS so I had to live without the remote , the stock plug is useless in one word , quite fragile  
    Sound -
    These guys are fairly neutral in the mids , they go up to a almost flat transition from the PR to the lower UT , after that they roll off , I mean they have almost no high frequency reproduction potential , hence they lack detail , now I don't mind that ..I'm not looking for a HiFi sound in the bed but I just find it to be interesting that all the new Denon headphones I have go through the same problem , no UT detail 
    The bass is decent , fairly tight , one note bass texture and extension , I don't hate the bass on these , they will not fulfil a bass liker's expectations , now I said "Likers" not "Heads" so that way its easy to conclude that the bass on it quite literally sucks 
    Overall I think these are mediocre headphones , Denon isn't quite the prestigious company it used to be ..oh well , thanks for reading , have a good one !