Think new genres of music fall flat on a pair of conventional headphones? We think you're right....

Denon Urban Raver In-Ear Headphones, Blue (AH-C100BU)

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  • Think new genres of music fall flat on a pair of conventional headphones? We think you're right. That's why we created Urban Raver headphones. Let's face it, contemporary formats of music like techno, trance, hip-hop, drum 'n bass, etc. demand a different type of tuning to deliver the level of performance that you heard at the club last night. Getting explosive bass performance and slightly enhanced treble (so you can hear the subtle rhythms of the high hat) is important for the overall experience. Denon's Urban Raver In-Ear headphones feature: two 11mm drivers for high-performance sound, professional tuning for big bass, Silicon and Comply Foam Ear Tips for superior comfort, great fit, and noise isolation. Integrated Remote and Microphone for easy control of your Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad. Also Included: Clambshell Carrying Case. Further enhance your listening experience by downloading the Denon Club app, available for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Android smartphones.

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  1. MrTechAgent
    "Is There Any Top End Detail At All ? "
    Pros - Fairly Obedient Mid-Range , Cable Thickness After Y-Split , Nice Box And Accessories
    Cons - No Upper Treble Detail , Awful Comfort , Fragile Plug - TRRS Re-Plug Necessary , Bass Extension , Original Retail , Horrendous Weight On Ears
    Since this is a IEM review I'll keep it short , I have no respect for IEMs ...I wish I could use headphones in the bed but since I cannot I have to resort to IEMs , not a IEM guy 
    I picked her up in between $30-40 so it was a fair deal , the Denon's come in a nice box , a very nice one ...good stuff in it too so I was quite happy , the sound was decent too , the thing I hated was the awful comfort , not a negative design so I can understand that it's not a perfect bed headphone but they never fit , I tried those stupid comply tips and found them to be as useless as well , that's one ...I have another complain , the PVC they use for the cable insulation is the worst one , man this thing took forever to become straight , it was stuck at the original shape for almost 3 months , really pissed me off , here's the third ...that's the plug , the plug is nice looking with good Denon accents but in the end its as useless as a cheap TRS , I couldn't find a TRRS so I had to live without the remote , the stock plug is useless in one word , quite fragile  
    Sound -
    These guys are fairly neutral in the mids , they go up to a almost flat transition from the PR to the lower UT , after that they roll off , I mean they have almost no high frequency reproduction potential , hence they lack detail , now I don't mind that ..I'm not looking for a HiFi sound in the bed but I just find it to be interesting that all the new Denon headphones I have go through the same problem , no UT detail 
    The bass is decent , fairly tight , one note bass texture and extension , I don't hate the bass on these , they will not fulfil a bass liker's expectations , now I said "Likers" not "Heads" so that way its easy to conclude that the bass on it quite literally sucks 
    Overall I think these are mediocre headphones , Denon isn't quite the prestigious company it used to be ..oh well , thanks for reading , have a good one ! 

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