Denon DVD 2910 - DVD player

General Information

The DVD-2910 is endowed with technology to unleash the full impact of DVD-Video picture quality. The DVD-2910 also uses two 12-bit, 216-MHz video D/A converters to faithfully preserve the delicate low-level signals often lost during D/A conversion. With these advanced video image technologies, the DVD-2910 will reproduce with the highest resolution, DVD images on Progressive-compliant monitors and projectors. For sound, it is high quality audio D/A conversion and Digital Bass Management that will bring out the best of not only Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio discs, but your entire CD collection as well.

Latest reviews

Pros: It's makes everything sound great .
Cons: Makes you want more Denon stuff.
Started out buying it because I loved the Denon reciver I had just got, then I found out about the DACs (Burr Brown PCM/DSD 1764) and that was that.


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