Denon DA-10 Portable Headphone Amplifier with D/A Converter, 2Hz - 50kHz Frequency Response, Advanced AL 32 Processing, Analogue Input/Output

General Information

A new world of sound quality - that fits in the palm of your hand: The Denon DA-10 is a sound quality marvel, developed for outdoor and in- door usage alike. When on your ways, you can now boost the sound quality of smartphones, laptops and the like. The DA-10 takes the audio signal from your mobile device and by means of digital to analogue conversion, dramatically improves the audio stages. It also allows you to drive higher quality headphones eff ortlessly. In addition, the DA-10 makes your analogue home Hi-Fi system digitally compatible - you can now enjoy all your stored digital music in best audio quality. Despite its size, it delivers Denon High Quality Sound thanks to the integra- ted Advanced AL32 Processing. It emits High Resolution audio up to 192kHz/24bit, comes with DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz capability and thus delivers a new level of sound quality from any source. For all your connection needs, USB-A, USB-B micro and AUX input are integrated. Personalized Listening While portable audio players, smartphones and tablets can easily power ordinary ear buds, their analogue audio output stages typically can't handle higher impedance headphone types and the quality of their internal D/A conversion isn't up to the standard that serious music listeners desire. That's where the DA-10 changes the game and takes over. With its advanced audio technologies engineered by Denon audio expert the DA-10 brings all the details, all the bass, all the e xcite


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