Equipped with Denon's innovative Dual Noise Cancelling system, the AH-NC800 headphones provide the...

Denon AH-NC800 Advanced Noise Canceling Headphones (Black)

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  • Equipped with Denon's innovative Dual Noise Cancelling system, the AH-NC800 headphones provide the optimum combination of quietness and audio fidelity. The AH-NC800 employs a Hybrid Aluminum Housing Material Housing to reduce ear cup resonance maximizing fidelity. It features not one, but two noise cancellation detection microphones. One microphone listens to ambient noise around the earpiece, while the other is internally mounted within the ear cup of the headphone to detect unwanted vibration and resonance. Together they provide superb noise isolation along with outstanding audio quality. For optimum comfort, the AH-NC800's feature 3D-contoured soft protein leather covers over super-soft compliant foam pads, together providing maximum acoustic isolation along with supreme comfort allowing for extended listening sessions without fatigue. The headphones are supplied with two different detachable Oxygen Free Copper cables, including a shorter (.7m) cable for connection to a portable audio player, and a longer (1.5m) cable for connection to a PC, airline jack or convention audio system. Both feature gold plated 3.5mm plugs. The headphones can be worn without the cable being connected, and can be used with or without the noise cancelling function activated. The AH-NC800 is also equipped with Denon's exclusive Compressed Audio Restorer circuitry, which provides re-construction of the full audio spectrum of compressed music formats. The anatomically correct light weight headband features 11 comfort adjustment steps. The AH-NC800 sets performance audio standards in noise cancelling headphones.

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  1. Tharbamar
    "Denon AH-NC800 Advanced Noise Canceling Headphones"
    Pros - Sound Quality,Compact Design,Great Noise Cancelling.
    Cons - Great NC headphone with weired name,
    I was looking for great sounding noise cancelling headphones since I'm not happy with my Bose QC15 sound quality and sold it on ebay, at the same time I keep researching for my next NC headphones but I didn't like what I read online reviews on any of noise cancelling headphones. I thought, since I like my D5000 so much and I should try Denon NC headphones too., So I bought AH-NC800 refurbished from Amazon for $200.
    When I got the shipment, I was amazed how small the carrying case was, may be the smallest I've ever seen with full size over the ear headphones. Best part is twist and fold flat and make it so compact to carry around with me. Carrying case is sturdy enough to protect the the headphones.
    Case Size: 8.5" x 5.5"
    Fit and Finish: It has look of all Denon's full size headphones and solid built quality. Headband fits great on my head, also the pads are comfortable with soft leather touch feeling.
    NC800 weights merely 196 g/7.0 oz.
    Sound Quality: Overall better sound stage and clarity than Bose QC15. Not overly warm, just warm enough to enjoy the music, good instrument separation, good vocal quality with well balanced Highs and Mids. Best of all very good Bass but it's not gonna be bassy as D2000 but it's there to appreciate great sound reproduction. Restorer feature is OK, IMO it's not really a must have feature but good to have it for lower bit rate files. It helped improve a little bit.
    Noise Cancelling: is Great, works very well on the plane, almost as good as QC15 but with better sound quality. Also, not a lot of pressure on the ears like QC15 so I can wear it for long hours without getting headache. When active noise canceling enable the electronic signal that bounces off ambient noise signals and I'm in my own world fill with music, outside noise is almost nonexistence other than high pitch noise.
    Battery life is very good too, may be like 40 + hours from one AAA battery. Headphones works without battery but it's not going to sound as good as noise cancelling on.
    This Denon AH-NC800 works best for both music and noise cancelling. I would highly recommend this to any frequent flyers, works really well in 30000+ feet pressurize cabin in the sky, also works great in day to day basic but definitely not recommend to wear it when walking around in the city streets or running/jogging on street for safety.
    This is a keeper....

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