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Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

  1. priest
    Never expected to like these as much as I do
    Written by priest
    Published Feb 5, 2017
    Pros - Comfortable, sound great
    Cons - Bass-heavy
    When I purchased these, I did so on a lark. Slowly, over the last year, I have more or less stopped listening to anything else, and I have dozens of headphones. Unlike many on Head-Fi, I find these superior to the prior generation of Denons. The soundstage is of course limited, but about average for closed headphones. And the bass is emphasized, but not too much to be distracting in my book. I am not a bass-head by any means. The PS1000 is my all-time favorite headphone, so factor that into your assessment of my review. I'm not going to write anything more than that, I would just say that these are almost perfect for me. I'm really glad I bought them and am sorry Denon discontinued them rather quickly
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  2. Plasticfirefly
    The headphone I go for most when I want to feel the music.
    Written by Plasticfirefly
    Published Jan 16, 2015
    Pros - Great bass, mid and treble. Comfortable. Well made with lovely wood cups.
    Cons - Maybe the full retail price, you can get them for much less!
    Used with Teac UD-H01 and Matrix M-Stage they sound great and are extremely comfortable. The sound is musical with deep controlled bass and detailed Mids & Treble. They also have a great sound stage for a closed headphone.
    Playing The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc by Dr. Chesky will show you how well these truly sound. I paid £449 about 18 months ago and think these have been a great buy as I have used them for hours daily since then.
  3. jehovahluvsme
    Written by jehovahluvsme
    Published Oct 31, 2014
    Pros - Accurate sound reproduction. Crystal clear. No complaints
    Cons - None
    I love these.  I have BeatsPro, Monster Inspiration and these blow them away!  They are super comfortable and I can hear the  nuances of all sounds.
  4. lizhenghong728
    great work though defame
    Written by lizhenghong728
    Published Sep 20, 2014
    I am from China and I'd like to say Chinese people are lucky enough to have the opportunity to reach most of device in the area of audio especially some brand only provided in China.So it made me crazy not have the access to many headphones and amplifiers.Isn't it weird that many Chinese people use amazon.com not amazon.cn to buy things.
    So I want to introduce myself. I come from a university which is next to Nankai University(the CEO of hifi man graduated from it). I was so lucky to join a wind band that I can so closely know and perform many pieces of music. I became a leader of the band and sometimes I help with the conductor to do many practice and improvement .  It is also a reason why I love classical music so much. 
    This summer before I came to America, my mom gave me the d7100 as a gift and there is no reason I do not love it though it was not pretty my taste. I love classical music like Mozart Mahler and Schostakovic. The d7100 gave me good quality of music and much more details than any headphones I heard before. However the powering bass really gave me a bad impression when I listened to some pop music, so I got tired after long time listening.It is my first impression of d7100 under my colorfly C4. I'd prefer to say I was disappointed because the advantages of it were what a 1000usd headphone must have, but it also had deficiencies that a so much expensive headphone shouldn't have, at least under portable devices, I like dt800 better under my c4.
    But d7100 made it different when I had the chance to try some devices of my friends. He got da32, da8, ha2, graham solo ......let us begin with the dac/amp. The da8 yulong from China and ha2 from Taiwan. They are both very good devices but I think the d7100 is more like a German sound under ha2,good quality and details but lacking emotion which I think is the most important things in the performance of a concerto or chamber music like quintet and quartet.We need the unique character and emotion to thrill us. I test the no.2 string quartet of Borodin ,violin concerto of Tchaikovsky in D major and the concerto for wind(oboe,flute,bassoon,horn) on da8, it is pretty much better voice especially the solo part, the tremble of violin and oboe ,flute is really wonderful with the proper sound field and bass. After I try the other more expensive devices I realize we cannot judge the d7100 a fail since we don't even sense it and listen to it carefully, it deserve better dac and amp.
    I think if I write the review in Chinese it will be a really moving and exciting one. I am also very happy to talk about my experience of music and hifi(I think music is prior to hifi)
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    2. ska-YJ
      What a fishy one!
      5 stars for D7100?  Gift you 2 chinese letters:呵呵.
      I bought a second hand one for 500NZD and I sold it out one week after at only 400nzd(lucky me man)!
      Never could be as same level as the D7000(expect the funny price).
      Telling the truth would be this is the worst flagship ever!
      You buy it, you regret it and you send it off.
      ska-YJ, Sep 20, 2014
    3. lizhenghong728
      Thank you for comment.you know hd800 is really a good headphone but a lot of people sell it in the forum.I just want to suggest you to try some chamber music and fusion music.
      lizhenghong728, Sep 21, 2014
    4. lizhenghong728
      So if youcan get 100 d7100s for 400 each and come to China to ,I will buy them all.
      lizhenghong728, Sep 21, 2014
  5. Sargatanas
    Big Heads only apply!
    Written by Sargatanas
    Published Apr 12, 2014
    Pros - nice packaging, good cables
    Cons - these cans are for people with massive heads. if they fit you right, you are way above average head size.
    i was so disappointed with these head phones when they arrived. i always thought i had a slightly larger than average skull. boy was i wrong. these cans are for water-heads! how could Denon F-UP this bad? it's like someone got these headphones, stuck them in some boiling water and then placed them on  a 40LB bowling bowl. i dont care how good they sound, their to damn big! huge waste!
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    2. pbui44
      Well, you can always sell it on ebay, since many here agree with the d7100 being a step(s) backwards and is not very popular. Once you sell it, get what you want here, but read fs/t rules and the scam page thoroughly. Hope you can find a better replacement.
      pbui44, Apr 12, 2014
    3. willyvlyminck
      it occures to me that the specialized press like them most,also in Germany
      willyvlyminck, Jun 10, 2014
    4. iancraig10
      The Beyer headband cover fixes the issue of fit for smaller heads.
      iancraig10, Nov 19, 2014
  6. sjp3003
    Highly Recommended...A great alternative to re-listen to your music collection
    Written by sjp3003
    Published Mar 8, 2014
    Pros - Superb Rich Sound across the spectrum, great soundstage, comfortable, modern design, high quality build, Efficient
    Cons - None...a bit bulky
    The AH-D7100's immediately became my go-to headphones for daily use since the day I purchased them three weeks ago.  They sound much  fuller compared to my Beyerdynamic T5P's and produce high sound levels with unamplified portable music devices.  They produce deep, rich, better-defined bass compared to my Ultrasone Pro 900's..   
    Sound is uniformly clear and well defined across the audible spectrum.  Given their high efficiency, transient responses and punch are state of the art with  unamplified devices....the sound is powerful, an adjective usually reserved for amps. 
    All these descriptions are good and well, however the most significant compliment I have for  these headphones is that they reveal details and nuances that go unnoticed with other cans, and that,  plus the quality of the overall sound,  make you want to re-listen to your music collection.
    Aside from great sound, the Denons are comfortable  and listening fatigue has been minimal for extended periods.  Some reviews have panned the build quality and materials....I find the design to be modern, materials to be high quality and build to be meticulous. The provided accessories are also high quality (headphone stand, travel bag and alternate cables).
    In sum:  Highly recommended.
  7. musikaladin
    ... given extensive burn-in it can provide extraordinary musical pleasure...
    Written by musikaladin
    Published Nov 30, 2013
    Pros - Comfort & Sound with Substance
    Cons - Needs extremly long to burn-in to finally settle with a more balanced sound...
    Yes, initially I also experienced what many others did: Excessive bass with related compression effects at higher volumes.
    Still, after in between let's say 500 hrs the sound has changed dramatically. And frankly, Denon should burn them in at least 300hrs before distributing. They could avoid some irritation sides their customers. 
    I really would like to know how the d7100 would measure now! The bass is still pronounced, but it integrates much better and  can I not recognize any compression effects anymore.

    Anyway, recently the d7100 gave me some of the most impressive music- experiences I ever had with headphones. Claexico, Chambawamba, dEUS... and many more of the kind...

    Why do most of us own more than just one pair of cans ...? Surely not because they all sound the same... in a "imperfect" world, where not all measures against a perfectly flat frequency response and where personal preferences vary, it simply seems likely that sound-reproduction parameters will differ in order to achieve best results.
    So what "absolute" qualities remain in such a relative framework of requirements? To me, there is low-distortion, low-coloration, transparency of the entire frequency-band, dynamic musical reproduction independent of volume and last but not least the musical flow. All of such is abundantly provided by the d7100 .
    The d7100 may not be feasible for all genres and tastes, and some headphones definitely cover a wider range of different recording qualities; but if there is a match between the 7100, the music and the equipment, the 7100 can be a real super-performer.

    As such, to me it is absolutely worth the ~600 Euro I paid.

    PS.: I used an HDVD800 to drive the d7100 when I wrote this review; in between, a year later, I even like it better out of an iPod touch with the Onkyo high res app, or the ifi iDSD micro... Killer combo!
    PPS 28.06.2014: After several hundreds of great listening hours more, I would now also call it an allrounder. I wouldn't know any genre that doesn't sound fabulous....
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    1. Lorspeaker
      congrats...u managed to get the genie out of the bottle/can..:p
      Lorspeaker, Nov 30, 2013
    2. rantzmar
      You are absolutely correct! The Denon AH-D600 needed an enormous amount of hours to com into their own. I love these can and can believe many say these aren't audiophile cans! They are simply wrong.
      rantzmar, May 31, 2016
  8. MattiaFalsetti
    Absolutely magnificent.
    Written by MattiaFalsetti
    Published Sep 27, 2013
    Pros - Absolute comfort, impressive bass, excellent speed response, great materials (except plastic)
    Cons - Crazy price, plastic, probably too much basses.
    I state that I'll write this review in Italian, if you want to know my judgments, please watch at the end of this review.

    Premetto che queste non sono le "migliori cuffie al mondo", tuttavia gli ingegneri Denon hanno cercato di avvicinarsi il più possibile a tale traguardo, molto vicino direi..
    Uscite da non molto hanno subito lanciato sul web una marea di polemiche e discussioni a riguardo, le AH-D7100 prendono infatti il posto delle D7000, le ex portabandiera di casa Denon, considerate senza dubbio tra le migliori cuffie audiofile d'alta gamma, utilizzando circa gli stessi materiali (tra cui mogano africano e pelle di qualità) la Denon ha voluto rimpiazzare le D7000 con qualcosa di più "economico", risparmiando sul tipo di driver cambiando il fornitore e risparmiando sui materiali, utilizzando plastica (seppur d'ottima qualità) al posto del caro vecchio alluminio presente nelle D7000.
    C'è chi si scontra giudicando migliori le D7100 e chi preferisce ancora le D7000, insomma gusti sono gusti.

    Parliamo ora delle specifiche, con un'impendenza d'ingresso di 25 Ohm le D7100 possono essere usate anche su qualsiasi dispositivo portatile come iPod, cellulari ed MP3 vari, cosa molto rara tra le cuffie audiofile.. c'è però da dire che spendere 1200€ per ascoltare musica esclusivamente da un cellulare è un po' come comprare una Ferrari e non superare mai i 20 Km/h, sarebbero sprecate, tuttavia il poterle utilizzare anche in viaggio è un'ottimo punto a favore.
    Ma se volete liberare "la belva" che c'è in loro, come minimo c'è bisogno di un ottimo amplificatore, sedersi e godersi ogni dettaglio che la cuffia sa esprimere grazie ad una risposta in frequenza che parte da 5Hz fino alla bellezza di 45.000Hz.
    Il driver è di tipo dinamico da 50mm in Nano Fibra avvolto da un cabinet in legno di mogano africano, una sensibilità di 110dB ed un peso di 370 Gr (cablaggio escluso), potrebbero sembrare pesanti.. ma dopo averle provate posso confermare il contrario, dopo un'ora addosso non si sente per niente il loro peso sulla testa grazie all'archetto imbottito di MemoryFoam rivestito in un'ottima pelle nera con cuciture marroni a vista, ed appunto qui arriviamo ad uno dei pochi difetti presenti nelle D7100, dopo qualche ora la pelle non lascia traspirare e si comincia a sudare leggermente nella zona dove essa appoggia attorno all'orecchio, sarebbe stata meglio un'imbottitura in velluto per le "EarCups" che le avrebbe rese più comode da indossare anche dopo delle ore.
    Parlando di ore, premetto che le D7100 richiedono un minimo di 40 ore di rodaggio prima di poter suonare come si deve, in modo da "sciogliere" la membrana dei driver e renderli più morbidi dandogli lo spazio che gli serve.
    Nella confezione troverete un'elegante "stand" in alluminio dove poter appoggiare le vostre D7100 ed esibirle allo stesso tempo, il manuale di istruzioni con garanzia, una comoda confezione in tessuto nero dove poter mettere le cuffie e trasportarle ovunque vogliate senza rovinarle e una coppia di cablaggi, una adatta a cellulari e iPod con jack da 3,5 e comandi diretti del volume incorporati, mentre l'altro cablaggio è più spesso, professionale e adatto all'ascolto tramite amplificatore, con jack da 6,3.

    Arriviamo ora a parlare della qualità audio, ho provato le D7100 con diversi tipi di amplificazione e da diversi tipi di lettori multimediali:
    -Arcam Solo Neo
    -McIntosh MA6900
    -Fostex HP-P1/DAC
    Lettori Multimediali:
    -Samsung Galaxy S4
    -iPod Classic 7th Generation
    -iPhone 4

    Ovviamente non c'è un minimo di paragone tra l'ascoltare da un McIntosh ad un iPhone, ma devo dire che le D7100 se la cavano egregiamente anche da un semplice cellulare, ma non si può nemmeno elogiarle dato che 25 Ohm sono comunque tanti oserei dire, infatti da cellulare pur mettendo il volume al massimo, le cuffie non riescono a "spingere" come dovrebbero, il volume rimane ad un livello piuttosto basso per i miei gusti e la qualità compressa dei file audio unita ad un equalizzatore di livello commerciale, non permettere alle cuffie di dare il meglio di loro, limitandosi a riprodurre musica ad una qualità mediocre in confronto a ciò che riescono realmente a dimostrare; tuttavia se paragonate ad altre cuffie su un dispositivo portatile, le D7100 sono sicuramente tra le top di gamma.
    Arrivando ora all'ascolto da Amplificatore si comincia a ragionare, anche qui tutto dipende da che tipo di amplificatore le Denon vengono fatte suonare, infatti tra un Arcam ed un McIntosh la differenza è abissale, quindi mi concentrerei di più sulla qualità del Mcintosh che risulta nettamente superiore.
    Dopo aver regolato l'equalizzatore ad un livello (per me) ottimale, vengono a galla pregi e difetti delle D7100, le basse frequenze sono quelle che più caratterizzano le D7100, infatti con una discesa fino ai 5Hz le Denon riescono a dare una resa profonda e morbida ad ogni bassa frequenza avendo allo stesso tempo un grande impatto, il tutto senza esagerare troppo; ma proprio a causa delle basse frequenze, quelle alte ne risentono leggermente, in certi brani vengono quasi "oscurate" dall'imponenza delle note basse, ripeto "LEGGERMENTE".
    Un grande pregio che mi è subito saltato all'orecchio è la velocità di risposta dei driver, suoni molto spaccati e decisi, nei brani caratterizzati da batteria il suono è diretto, istantaneo e realistico ma sopratutto limpido e trasparente.. quasi come avere la batteria direttamente in testa.
    Oltre a questo il suono risulta molto arieggiato, distribuendosi ampiamente.

    Riepilogando darò dei voti riassuntivi:
    (Bass frequences) Basse frequenze: 8/10
    (Mids) Medie frequenze: 7/10
    (Trebles) Alte frequenze: 7/10
    (Comfort) Comfort: 9,5/10
    (Esthetic) Estetica: 8/10
    (Materials) Materiali: 8/10

    Pro: comodità quasi assoluta, bassi imponenti, eccellente velocità di risposta, ottimi materiali (escludendo la plastica), possibilità di riprodurre su dispositivi portatili, cablaggio intercambiabile.
    Contro: prezzo esagerato, telaio in plastica, bassi leggermente eccessivi.

    (Complessive judgment) Voto complessivo: 8/10
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    2. MattiaFalsetti
      Yes, for the review score I wanted to be a little bit generous.
      MattiaFalsetti, Sep 28, 2013
    3. Double-A
      Why would you type your review in Italian if you clearly know how to type in English? I'm willing to bet that most people here on Head-Fi probably speak English not Italian.
      Double-A, Sep 28, 2013
    4. MattiaFalsetti
      First because I'm Italian, second because I can't write all that information in english, I'm not so good.
      MattiaFalsetti, Sep 29, 2013
  9. bgtrance
    Great headphone that could use just a tad polishing.
    Written by bgtrance
    Published Aug 14, 2013
    Pros - Airy Sound, Excellent Bass, Great sound stage, Comfortable
    Cons - Price, not full aluminum construction, heavy
    There has been a lot of debate about this headphone on this forum in particular and the value it offers for the price.  I must admit, the pricing is a little steep but it has been coming down and can be had for sub $1000 constantly.  Sound quality is just perfect (for me).  I have found out that this new Denon Music Maniac line is sort of like a love it or hate it among audiophiles.  I certainly love mine and have nothing but good things to say about it. 
    Sound reproduction is on par with other closed headphones I would say minus of course the TH-900 from Fostex.  The mids are clear, and although the bass was a bit sloppy/bloated in the beginning, it tightened and was more articulate after about 100 hours of burn in time.  The sound stage as noted by me and other members on here feels actually better than that of the D7000, yet the headphone isolates better than the D7000.  I listen to mostly EDM, so I had to choose between this headphone and the Ultrasone Sig DJ/PRO.  I will eventually get to listen to those as well and compare it to them but as of now I am happy with the D7100.  Contrary to what other people think about the design, I actually love it.   
    The only thing that irks me the most with this headphone is the comfort sometimes.  It is quite heavy and the band is a bit skinny so it tends to rub on my skull and cause irritation after prolonged hours of use.  
    All in all, I would rate the headphone a solid 8/10.  I am sure Denon will pickup on most of these reviews and make the next set of headphones much better, but they got to start somewhere. 
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    2. derbigpr
      D2000/5000/7000 was not actually made completely by Denon, but by Fostex as well. This new series is made by Denon alone for the first time I think.
      derbigpr, Aug 15, 2013
    3. Lindon
      I really love my D7100.great soundtage,outstanding noise isolation.
      Lindon, Aug 15, 2013
    4. bgtrance
      @musikaladin the Music Maniac is Denon's actually attempt at headphones since they left Fostex who were their previous makers.
      bgtrance, Aug 16, 2013
  10. SonnyD
    Denon AH-D7100 End Game Cans for the Vast majority
    Written by SonnyD
    Published Jul 27, 2013
    Pros - Clarity, Separation, impact, wider than avg sound stage for closed Cans
    Cons - Except for Price. Nothing
    Lets see. If you know who Adventure Club, Skrillex, Katy Perry, MGK, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Rihanna, pretty much anyone relevant And not so relevant any more like Marilyn Manson,  Alice in Chains, Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston. These babies got you covered. All sound awesome. Whitney's vocals gave me chills. I'm moving from the  DT 880 250ohms. I brought the 880s because of numerous raving  reviews of how transparent they are for the price..When you hear guys say how headphones sound to YOU is what matters not charts- LISTEN. I kept the 880s  because that was my first foray in to quality audio in a headset. And they were great. But I had to  bump the bass up to enjoy the music I like. And i'm by no means a bass head. But getting back to the 7100. These things get  low when required and punch when ordered by the music. I wouldn't call it overpowering bass, Because it's never out of control. And never  is included when it's not called for.But if you listen to any of the music genres above, It's welcome in a pair of cans that have so much separation and clarity as these. Audiophile Cans don't have to be boring or lifeless if your primary listening choice happens not be classical music or the like..  
    Also if i may add, these babies are great for gaming.  Of course sound is outstanding but,3D positional cues are accurate as hell. Playing borderlands 2 I found myself hearing efx I never heard, or was aware of before. So much for the 880's transparency.   
    The looks to me look way better than the 7000. The 7000 look like something I used to listen to in grade school in the 80s during those listen along story times.  It was time for an update. The choices of covering the much hyped African wood makes no sense But still looks better than the 7000s. And they feel solidly built, while floating on your head
    Let me end this like this.if you listen to your music laying back in a chair with your eyes closed get the  T1's or hd800s, if you listen to your music laying back in a chair but bop your head while listening to music, get 7100s..,,period. Simple as that.
    Also these have to break in. When i first put these on these were LMAO shrill.
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    2. Sonic Defender
      I do like the new look of the 7100, but sorry, can't agree that the 7000s look dated. They are a classic and refined looking can, and from what I have read they sound better than the 7100. Of course, that is very subjective and I freely admit I have not had the opportunity to hear the 7100s yet.
      Sonic Defender, Jul 28, 2013
    3. bgtrance
      @ Hibuckhobby.. The T1 and the HD800 are NOT more capable than the D7100 for those particular genres. They just lack the necessary bass to really give that experience. For other genres like classical music, yeh the T1 and the HD800 will give you better performance. I ultimately wanted to buy a HD800 pair but the lack of bass is what set me off.
      bgtrance, Aug 10, 2013
    4. willyvlyminck
      According to the Reviews you either like them or hate them?
      willyvlyminck, Jun 10, 2014