Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

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Denon is following their well-received AH-D7000 with a brand new flagship for audiophiles, the AH-D7100 Music Maniac ($1,200). The new cans house the company's 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber drivers which Denon compares to a box loudspeaker inside a headphone. The headphones have also been complemented with African Mahogany Wood Ear Cups, have a frequency range of 5-45,000Hz, and feature an in-line mic and remote for your smartphone. Available August. Link

Latest reviews

Pros: Comfortable, sound great
Cons: Bass-heavy
When I purchased these, I did so on a lark. Slowly, over the last year, I have more or less stopped listening to anything else, and I have dozens of headphones. Unlike many on Head-Fi, I find these superior to the prior generation of Denons. The soundstage is of course limited, but about average for closed headphones. And the bass is emphasized, but not too much to be distracting in my book. I am not a bass-head by any means. The PS1000 is my all-time favorite headphone, so factor that into your assessment of my review. I'm not going to write anything more than that, I would just say that these are almost perfect for me. I'm really glad I bought them and am sorry Denon discontinued them rather quickly
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Pros: Great bass, mid and treble. Comfortable. Well made with lovely wood cups.
Cons: Maybe the full retail price, you can get them for much less!
Used with Teac UD-H01 and Matrix M-Stage they sound great and are extremely comfortable. The sound is musical with deep controlled bass and detailed Mids & Treble. They also have a great sound stage for a closed headphone.
Playing The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc by Dr. Chesky will show you how well these truly sound. I paid £449 about 18 months ago and think these have been a great buy as I have used them for hours daily since then.
Pros: Accurate sound reproduction. Crystal clear. No complaints
Cons: None
I love these.  I have BeatsPro, Monster Inspiration and these blow them away!  They are super comfortable and I can hear the  nuances of all sounds.


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