Denon AH-C551K In-Ear Headphone

General Information

You walk happily listening to the music you love. You are enveloped in the artist's world wherever and whenever you like. But, don't you sometimes wish the quality of the sound was better? Inner ear headphones Denon AH-C551K faithfully reproduce the original sound with a quality that is always satisfying. These headphones feature an acoustic optimizer structure that ensures ideal sound characteristics, and the canal-type design fits snuggly into your ear.

Latest reviews

I looked around for a review on these and didnt find many, so bought a pair and heres what i found out.
 - Nice build quality
 - Good comfortable fit
 - Worst cable design I have ever seen (What were they thinking?!)
 - Easy to be driven
 - Extremely well defined mids & highs (these are not laid back and softsounding!)
 - Good soundstage and dynamic range (not excelent)
 - The lows are great
If I had to describe these in one word: Balanced. They have tendency to have a more forward sounding character, but not even close to a grado. They do require some burn in time
Not sure if balanced is the right word. I remember them being on the bassy side, very warm.
Built like a tank, these can last a lifetime.
Cable was just fine, thicker than average. Length was short without the extension though.
Street price is more like $50 but they are not so common anymore.


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