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The DBI Pro7xx Series are one of the world's best selling headphones where durability and outstanding sound quality is required in high useage commercial applications. (from the DBI website)

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Bass presence, percussion sounds, impact, decent detail, lifelike treble, bulletproof
Cons: Stock earpads (oh god the horror), lifelike treble unforgiving to sibilant vocalists, headband sizing sleeve decayed
Because headphones are credentials on this site I'll list a few that I own. I'm a sucker for budget performers. I'm running a Sabre U2 Asych DAC to an O2 Amp. Because measurements.
Yamaha HPH-200, M-Audio Q40, Sennheiser PC360, Samson SR850, Samson SR950
If I had to sum up the sound of the DBI 700 in a few words I'd have to choose...
Fun V or U balance with minimal compromise and unforgiving treble.
Once you get past the fact that the stock earpads are medieval torture devices and replace them with something less painful, you can start appreciating the headphones. Since sound seems to be the most interesting thing about them I'll jump straight to that. If you don't know they're nigh invincible already I don't know where you've been reading.
Very lifelike. Cymbals and other percussion have a unique closeness and sparkle. At first the cymbals sounded fake or grainy compared to other headphones. I thought about my experiences with cymbals in person and concluded that other headphones were wrong instead. Double bass drums have a remarkably powerful prat. Bass guitars benefit from the boosted treble in texture and harmonics.
Unfortunately, if a vocalist or mix is moderately sibilant it is painfully reproduced. The levels of sibilance aren't unrealistic, though. I think the phones are too honest for their own good. I had to lower my listening volume in comparison to my Sennheisers, which are extremely forgiving of such elements.
I tried to hate the sibilance, but its honesty to the music is slowly winning me over. I'm not saying that the 700s are neutral. They do, however, present a sound similar to a mouth-close-to-mic live performance with all the upsides and downsides included. Hopefully a pad swap and some foam pads over the driver instead of thin cloth will dull it a little... If not I'm damping the suckers.
Update: The treble's impoliteness seems be tamed a tiny bit by doing secondary burn in with Blue/Violet/Purple noise at HIGH volume. These headphones respond well to EQing. You'll find peaks around 8 and 10k.
Nothing really special. They're tastefully balanced and possessing the proper presence for the intended sound sig.
Punchy and fun midbass with enough subbass to balance things out. Very well executed. Detailed. These are NOT BASS LIGHT. I'd say they're halfway to bassheadphones. It's obvious in the sound, but not head rattling. The bass rarely bleeds into the mids and is, I think, at the point all consumer headphones should shoot for.


New Head-Fier
Pros: very sturdy build, great bass (extra nice with an amp, but isn't required), very closed
Cons: can get uncomfortable with extended listening, heavy cable
These are great value headphones for their price. You can find a set for around $50 online. I have a pair of these and a Grado SR225i and I enjoy them equally. I find their sound quality to be around that of the same level; though very different sounding.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Build like a tank, Great value for money, Good sound quality
Cons: The steel armored cable can cause the cable to break near the jack plug, not that comfortable

This is my first review, so please go easy on me. 
When my old Sennheiser HD202's broke for the 8th time I was done with them. I wanted something else, something that could withstand my abuse. After reading and searching the forums I came across these headphones. And it seemed like my search was over as people were saying that they offered fantastic value for money. Normally the sell for 180USD but on eBay, you can get them for 40USD. Which is a steal considering how good these headphones are.
I do not know if these headphones sound better with an amp. People were saying they need an amp but they worked more than fine for me without an amp. 
The audio quality is terrific for the price you are paying on eBay. I doubt you will find a better headphone for that price. And even still, I think you can compare it to much more expensive headphones (~200USD) and these headphones will still be able to keep up.
I listen to a lot of Metal, and boy, do these headphones deliver! Trance, rap and hiphop sound great as well. I feel that the mids are well represented, the highs are there but not overwhelming (they do their job well) and the bass is good. A lot of people were saying that these headphones have a very strong bass but I was not able to detect that. In my opinion the bass was strong but not too strong. It was just right. 
Gaming with these headphones is very enjoyable as well. When playing FPS’s like COD2 you can hear people walking/running on the other side of walls.
I have not much to say about the design, except for the fact that I really like their tanky build. No, they aren't particularly styled but they have a certain cool  'roughness'. 
These are not particularly comfortable headphones. You will feel them clamping on your head (especially in the beginning, they clamp seriously) and after an hour and a half you will want to take them off because they start to hurt your ears. This because your ears touch the drivers. Mine at least. but let it be known I have slightly floppy ears, so that might play a role as well. 
The only real complaint I have is also the strong point of these headphones. The cable broke due to the weight of the steel armored cable that was pulling the cable down. This happened when my headphone was connected to my mp3 player in my pocket. Yes, they are indestructible but if you are planning on using them outside, I strongly recommend you remove the steel armored cable.  
I loved these headphones, so much even that I fixed the jack plug twice. But after the cable broke near the jack plug for the third time I was done. Next time I will buy one and remove the cable immediately.
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They broke 3 times?? I thought the cable and connectors where extremly hard to break.
The cable broke internally, my apologies if that was unclear.


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