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Debauche Bacchus Monroe Pro Dual Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone IEMs

Vocal improved


Graphene and Titanium film Independent dual dynamic driver

Comfortable wear, delicate voice, retro design.

316L refined steel, piano paint.

Excellent industrial design

MMCX replaceable interface

Delicate vocal

Warm and natural, mellow and classic listening, special frequency division, phase complement. Make two independent dynamic driver works together, with higher resolution, more sufficient density and more delicate human voice.

Technological structure diagram

Precision double - cavity design, small volume to accommodate two powerful drivers

Excellent wearing and quality sound

10mm graphene diaphragm driver

Using graphene ultrathin features, reduced the low frequency harmonic resonant frequency, make the low frequency response is better, and the bass is strong and full

Graphene’s Ultra high rigidity extends the high frequency range, and has a bright, smooth treble.

8mm titanium film

Titanium-plated increases the rigidity of the diaphragm and the high frequency response speed was significantly improved

It use for medium-high frequency’s compensation driver to make the human voice more delicate and better resolution

High frequency is smoother and more natural, and layers clear

Materials and craft

Piano painting technology makes shell.

The cavity Made of 316L refined steel, the cavity is precise and durable

Wire change design

use the MMCX interface , there is no restriction on change and upgrade cable, also increase the playability of match, to make sure the sound quality in control

Earphone wearing

Strictly follow ergonomic design, collect a large amount of ear canal data, repeatedly to adjust to fit the ear canal, also to make it small and comfort, enjoin the music with more freedom.

Package design

Vintage tape styling, high transmittance PMMA Acrylic surface, AL, sand blasting oxidation border, magnet design, high quality storage bag, sturdy and durable, easy to storage.




Drive unit:10mm Graphene + 8mm Titanium film

Frequency response:18-22kHz

Maximum power:10mW

Shell material: 316L Stainless steel

Cable:single crystal copper


Plug : 3.5mm

Latest reviews


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Plenty of sub-bass, very accurate tonality, pleasing vocals, good treble presentation.
Cons: Slightly odd shaped, unnecessary accessories in the box. Fitting can be a problem for some.

Debauche Bacchus or DB in short is one of the newest brands in the market. Targeting the mass consumer they have only one model in their artillery which has two versions. The DB Monroe V1 and V2 or say the Pro version. Both the models have exactly similar internals body and accessories, the only way to tell them apart is the Pro written on the package. I believe the difference is with the Tuning of the Drivers.

Yes, drivers, it has two Dynamic drivers, the first one is an ultra thin 10mm grapheme dynamic driver, and the thin profile reduces resonance of the lower frequencies, helps with treble extension too. The 2nd one is an 8mm titanium driver with the similar thin film profile which helps to better top end frequencies.

The DB Monroe ro is available in 4 colors, red, blue, yellow and black and is priced at $159. The dual DD setup is not new but it is not abundantly available in IEMs in this price range. Most of the earphones in this price range opt for hybrid setups or sticks to BA drivers or one dynamic driver.

I will be comparing the Monroe Pro with Brainwavz B400, Simgot EN700 pro and the Mee Audio MX4 pro.

You can buy one for yourself from here:-




The official page might not show enough accessories in its list of things out of the box but there are plenty of extras in the box, like Marlin Monroe stickers in 4 colors, some booklets and cards about the brand, it felt more like a limited edition product with more than required branding.

Audio related products are 4 pair of tips, 3 pair of silicone grey tips and a pair of foam tips, one 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter and a cassette style carry case for the earphone sums up all out of the box.





The pentagonal design catches the eye instantly, and the retro design makes these even more appealing.

Build quality of the earphone is outstanding thanks to the full metal 316L stainless steel body. It’s on the heavier side too. One of the heaviest earphones I have put inside my ears. Thankfully they don’t stick much out of the ear hence they don’t tend to feel off balance or feel like falling out. They are practically indestructible with day to day usage.

The Nozzle is not very long but it has an aptly deep insertion giving it a secure feel. It is slightly shallow nevertheless. The Back plate has nice retro styling on it with cassette player type attributes, there is a vent under the styling, another vent can be found on the inner side of the shell. They let the Driver breathe freely.

Overall the build quality of the Pro version is very good.






The cable is of acceptable quality, there is a sleeve on the cable till the splitter that helps to reduce cable noise and helps with it being more organisable. It doesn’t bounce and the splitters along with the ports terminals are well built.

Cable guides are without wire insertion and are easier on the ear, one doesn’t have to fight with them every time.



The DB Monroe Pro is middling when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. Ergonomically specially its not exactly designed to fit snug in the ear, it still is comfortable but earphones at this price range can be very comfortable, like Brainwavz B400 and the Mee MX4 pro.

Comfort wise it is okay, it doesn’t fall out and the weight is nicely borne by the cable guides.

Seal of the earpiece is average, slightly better with foam tips.

CAUTION:- don’t use earphones where you have to be aware of your surroundings like driving and walking on the road, stay home and enjoy your music or at gym.


With its dual dynamic drivers the DB Monroe Pro delivers very good amount details with a W shaped signature. The tonality is fairly natural without much coloration. None of the earphones I am comparing the Monroe Pro here have a tonality this neutral and natural.

The IEM is burned for more than 80hrs and I am using my Shanling M5s for the review.


Even though the resistance is at 32ohm, the lower than average sensitivity of 99db makes the DB Monroe Pro slightly hard to drive, it needs slightly more power than most earphones. Pushing the IEM to its potential is easier than most as dynamic drivers don’t have impedance swings. Driving the Monroe out of a decent mobile phone is easy.

It isn’t much choosy either. Matches well with most sources thanks to its neutral tonality.


The DB Monroe pro has one of the deepest bass notes I have experienced on an earphone in recent time. I had the BGVP DMG too, which was ruling the scene few months ago but somehow it was not good with bass as the presentation felt off, the mid bass of the DMG was more forward.

Except the bass prowess what impresses me is the amount of control it exhibits, yes there is very good amount of thump and rumble, and it hits hard too, but the notes are without much distortion or say are not muddy like the DMG or EN700 pro. The credit goes to decay speed which regulates this admirably. The notes are nicely paced with very good amount of weight to them. Texture is better than DMG which concentrates more on slam than anything else.

It moves plenty of air, the impact is visceral, the reverb is fantastic, and thanks to the sub-bass inclination the impact feels soft and cushy, unlike the DMG which has mid-bass mixed in and feels harder. The mid bass body is good, gives the lower range its body and fullness but doesn’t influence the lower end much, thanks to this the sub-bass feels more vivid. Upper bass is well under control and doesn’t have any anomalies in it. The B400 shows better control but the size of the bass impact is considerably less than the Monroe Pro.

The lower end body is presented very well. No part of the lower end takes a huge piece of the cake with a sub-bass friendly tuning.


The 8mm titanium driver is responsible for the mid range and it manages to deliver up to my expectations. There are good amount details and the instruments are sharper than DMG.

The crossover is good but the lower mid lacks some forwardness and slightly boosted vocal region induces the first dip in the spectrum for the W shaped signature. There is barely anything happening in that region so it can be overseen. The mid range is well paced without being dull and is not overly aggressive either. Instrumental distribution and density is good too.

The mild drop in energy helps the vocals to keep away from any disturbance and compared to other dynamic driver earphones in this price range the Monroe Pro feels more resolving, accurate and cleaner. Male vocals have very good thickness to them, the notes are nicely paced and the texture is retained nicely. Female vocals too have very good sharpness to them. They feel more accurate and precise than most in this price range. There is little to no fatigue and that helps with longer listening sessions.

Instruments too have plenty of clarity and transparency to them. But the 2nd dip in energy at the upper mid region let’s off some sharpness. It still has good details but it could have had better attack.

The stage size is average, its not huge but is slightly bigger than the DMG with depth. The stage is well rounded with good width height and depth.


Where the other earphones like DMG and NS audio NS2 pro tend to underperform the Monroe Pro delivers. The thing which sets these apart is the treble extension, the extension is very good. Before burning I was slightly disappointed, but after some 60hrs of burning the drivers opened up and started shining. The performance is as good as the Brainwavz B400 and that is something for sure.

The Dip in energy slightly extends into the lower treble region, thanks to this there is no sibilance at all. This is a feat on its own. The energy rises slightly and delivers one of the more admirable treble region, filled with plenty of spark.

Let it be pianos, trumpets or cymbals, they have good amount of sharpness and the finishing of the note along with the presentation is good. Let it be the resolution, transparency or imaging the Monroe Pro maintains its dignity where others fail. There is little to no complain about the treble.

Layering and separation is up to the class, it doesn’t sound as clean as the B400 which has plenty of air in between but its close. B400 is just a different beast in its sound signature.



Even though the DMG has a different set of drivers, both these earphones share the same sound signature. The bass feels loose, the impact feels more rigid, the decay is slow and the mid bass is more prominent in comparison.

Mid range felt a bit veiled, the notes were more aggressive with thickness but were not more accurate. The stage is similar with lacking depth. Highs lack some extension, the spark gets lost and it feels very dull. Layering and separation too is not par.

(No doubt I sold the DMG.)

VS Brainwavz B400 VS Simgot EN700 pro VS Mee audio MX4 rpo:-








The DB Monroe is an earphone totally targeted toward the crowd who love plenty of bass, sub-bass to be precise and love their vocals and doesn’t want the treble to be left behind. The icing on the cake is its neutral tonality, something which is getting rare these days.

The shape is slightly unorthodox but it’s not a deal breaker. The retro design too is a nice touch to it.

The overall package of the Monroe Pro is very good, it delivers where I thought the DMG failed to impress. I will definitely suggest the Monroe Pro to someone who wants impactful bass in their music without losing the essence of it.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!!


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