dB Logic EP-100 Earphones

General Information

Ultra-small in-ear monitors offer fantastic sound quality while reducing exposure to high sound pressure levels. Can be worn with cable behind-the-ear for on-the-go security or with cables straight down for quick fitting. Compact storage case is ideal for traveling and fits in any pocket. Three sizes of compliant eartips to fit any ear. dB Logic's proprietary Sound Pressure Level Limiting (SPL2) helps control listening level to reduce exposure to sounds above 85dB SPL. Sounds above this level can cause hearing loss over time; by reducing exposure to these loud sounds dB Logic can help the listener enjoy a lifetime of good listening. Sound limiting is transparent to the user -- there are no batteries, no adjustments, and no audible distortion. These are simply great-sounding earphones that are not able to operate at dangerous sound pressure levels.


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