For years audiophiles have read and been convinced to purchase certain Digital to Analog...

dB Audio Labs Tranquility USB DAC

  • For years audiophiles have read and been convinced to purchase certain Digital to Analog converters based on this or that “digital technology”.
    It is our professional opinion that this way of thinking has been the pitfall of many audiophiles looking to discover state of the art digital. Our research allowed us to uncover many unfortunate design assumptions that restrain many DAC designs from realizing their absolute musical potential. It’s so much more than “ones and zeros”. And it’s not nearly as simple as usindac1g a particular D/A converter chipset, oversampling rate, clocking or other digital tech.

    For example; implementing a low jitter digital design with the use of boutique audiophile parts are just a starting point to create a truly world class sounding DAC. Every single circuit parameter needs to be addressed with extreme precision.

    This includes a myriad of circuit optimizations around each and every active part of the entire input and output sections accompanied by very precise and masterful handling of the digital signal itself. To be frank, all of this is seldom if ever found, in complete form, in digital high end audio. Delicate inner harmonics and the associated spatial details are easily lost within many DACs. It is very rare to hear a digital source that conveys all of the music’s inner soul, along with the true naturalness and liquidity that exists on the reference master tape.

    The master tape serves as our foundation. dB Audio Labs has developed specific and innovative ways to regulate power to every active component within the Tranquility™ DAC. Our selection of passive components in the input stages, power supplies and the DAC processor were each selected independently in blind listening tests and many different sound systems. The Tranquility™ DAC offers audiophiles a brand new digital pathway toward enjoying their entire music collection!


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