Darkvoice la figaro 339

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Desktop amplifier.

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Pros: Good sound
Cons: long term reliability?
Good tube amp for the price. In EU Woo amps are too expensive, in US I would have bought a Woo most likely. But this amp is very nice!
Edit: I upgrade a few parts inside (power resistors and output coupling capacitors) and now I can vouch this amp is world class! Such a pretty sound and power, it is scary good!
Curious, do you think that Woo is still better than LF339? I thought they use different topology... Woo's amps mostly transformer coupled and LF amps are OTL?
The WA3 is OTL too, I think the 339 is better as it has a dual mono setup
I would have bought the WA2 at 1100$, it's 500$ more so maybe would have gone the WA3. I too think the 339 is in the same class as the WA2 so above the WA3 single tube and single power supply.
With those 500$ I would have peace of mind regarding reliability. But as it's titled, this 339 is PTP wired so easy to service! Plus with that kind of money I could start saving for some HD800!


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