DacMagic XS USB DAC Headphone Amp

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  1. Davidoffdgh
    "Very small/good DAC for low impedance headphones"
    Pros - -amazing price/size/performance ratio - very low output impedance (0.5) -quite powerful with low impedance headphones -good upgrade with HD spotify
    Cons - -no power knob(only buttons so you don't really know where you are concerning volume) -for this price not so much.
    Having those for 5 months, I am very impressed as they openned up really with my senheiser momentum after some burn in.
    I use them with my laptop (pc). This review will be about the VERY good synergy between this dac and the momentum. 
    I listen to all kind of music (classical, pop, rock, electro...) (flac or 320kbps mp3)
    I was surprised there was no review for this really good DAC/amp.
    The bundle costing 500 USD together, I am very happy with this beginner/all rounder system and I highly recommend it.
    Bass : Kid Cudi "Soundtrack 2 my life" / Alicia Keys "Girl on fire" / Howard Shore The lord of the rings "Khazad Dum"   the bass is precise/deep and the percussions make you shiver literally especially on very low frequency <60hz. The vocals as well as the double basses on Khazad Dum seem unbelievable for such low price system. The soundstage on the bass makes you feel like in the room.
    Middle : Adele "Skyfall" the female voice is very well transcripted and you can hear many details of her wonderful voice. U2 "Sunday bloody sunday" the voice seems a bit too neutral. It feels like there could be some improvement there.
    Treble : Alicia Keys "Girl on fire" / Madonna "Luck Star" . Even if the treble can go very high, there is no real clarity and transparency unfortunately. 
    To conclude i would say that this system has a lot of upsides :
    -price/performance ratio
    -amazing bass structure especially with percussions
    -Spacialization is decent/good

    Nevertheless, even if I am not an audiophile I can hear the limitations on the middle and treble. They do not match the bass quality. Maybe it is because of my headphones which are not really transparent and more bass orientated.
    Anyway, I would highly recommend it for low impedance headphones owners who like some precisions (It will not drive efficiently >100ohms headphones). For good bass/percussions lovers, go for this DAC paired with the momentum.
    it is a no brainer for me with very small volume and small price.