New Head-Fier
Pros: Decent Sound
Built-In MP3
Cons: No Analog Unless Charged?
Weak Magnets on Pads

Someone had a field day making these. Pretty good weight, nice shiny backing material, plastic used feels and looks nice. No thin pleather pads, proper magnetics. Unfortunately the magnets on the pads are quite weak, and I often found myself having to reattach them when I picked the headphones up to use. These are one of very few electrostatic headphones you can plug directly into a 3.5mm jack with no adapter or amplifier. For some reason, they need to be charged to function, even in analog mode, which is an incredibly frustrating quirk.

While using these and organizing my room, a sharp shock was delivered to my upper-left ear. It was not enough to burn me, but I have decided not to use these headphones anymore.



I had to turn the volume up to 75(Max) on my LGV30 to listen to these at a moderately loud level.


These are closed-backs, so the soundstage isn't very wide. It does have a noticeable depth to it, though.


The resolution on the HP102 isn't great. It's certainly better than a $20 Sony, but I expected far more from the hybrid driver in these. There are no glaring tuning issues in these, and the FR in the manual looks rather flat, but these headphones sounded off, like the music was missing something.


These feature a built-in MP3 player.