Crystal Piccolino IEM Cable

General Information

Crystal uses a unique silver and gold combination which helps deliver better sound and signals.

The very pure silver Crystal uses has a crystal structure. That means by solidification of the metal, you get round-shaped crystal boundaries touching each other, buy having "bad places" where they don't touch.

These bad gaps are filled/injected with gold, which is the only metal that can be used for this.

It makes the way of the electric signal smooth and in time again.

Latest reviews

they sell it in a suck price
Night Crawler
Night Crawler
I visited my local mini-mart today, and when I approached the cashier, I asked him the following. "Excuse me. I'm looking for the brown eggs. I see that they're on sale, but do they sell it in a suck price?" Should have seen the look on the poor guy's face. Almost as puzzled as mine was when I came across this review... o.O
Toxic Cables
Toxic Cables
Great review :)
I "Toxic Cables" am now one of only two authorised dealers for the Crystal Piccolino, we currently offer Piccolino IEM cables with Oyaide jack for £295, which is under $475


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