Crystal by MEElectronics In-Ear Headphones with Microphone Made with Swarovski® Crystals (Gold)


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Beautiful design, luxurious packaging, outstanding build quality, lovely bass, smaller size housing
Cons: Sound sig is slightly boomy
When MEE was describing their new iems to me this is what they said: "... these earphones heavily emphasize comfort and appearance, they have nicely balanced sound that is less bassy compared to our M-series in-ears... We wanted to create an audio accessory women will actually want to wear – something that not only provides an exceptional listening experience, but is small and comfortable in petite ears and may also work as a fashion statement."
I would say they succeeded! I would have no problem getting these as a gift for someone.They are beautiful in appearance and come packed like an elegant piece of jewelry... the build quality (as is usual for MEElec) is outstanding! I really love the cable quality. It has a nice feel to it, seems durable while still being sleek and light. The housings are metal and plastic, feeling very sturdy but very comfortable and compact. I could see this being especially important for ones with smaller "petite" ears! The real crystal on the housings is impressive and adds a nice aesthetic touch. Even the mic on the cable matches the metal housings and doesn't detract from the image.
Included accessories include various sized ear tips (both silicon and hybrid which is what I used), a shirt clip, and a fancy little storage bad. The container itself is impressive and looks very nice. It could probably be re-used for something!
I found these to be very comfortable in ear both with the cable worn down, or up over ear (although the mic kind of gets in the way over ear). The isolation is very good! I heard nothing when someone walked up to me while I was wearing these, and I didn't notice them at all! 
As for the sound: rest assured it's completely acceptable at the price! MEElec has a kind of specialty in the bass dept., very punchy and extends deep! I personally like this bass signature very much, and it doesn't obscure the rest of the music! The bass has such a wonderful texture and detail to it and extends "out of the head". It's my favorite characteristic of these! The rest of the sound is very balanced and doesn't quite grab your attention the way the bass does. But I feel they still represent the music just fine, and sound very good doing it!
While they don't specifically say this, these ear phones will no doubt appeal to a female audience in part due to their smaller size (very thoughtful!) and jewelry like appearance. And at the price I highly recommend them.