Creative Labs Zen MX 16 GB MP3 Player (Black)

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Pros: Cheap, durable, last a while
Cons: doesn't support .aac and so on.
I figured I'd do an off the beaten path on a device I've had since about '09/'10!
I'll keep it short.

It's a simple media player capable of powering budget IEMs and things of that nature. If you ever considered getting one I'd certainly recommend something to power other headphones.
The things it powered without any problems that I tried were these.
-Shure SRH440
-AudioTechnica ATH-IM50
-AudioTechnica ATH-M50

I'm just gonna give you a rundown of my experiences with the Creative Zen MX.
I use/used this sometimes when I don't have enough storage on a MicroSD. I use a secondary card with my other albums, artists, etc.
It's done me well lasting this long as when I was younger and it's survived being ran over by a car when I was stupid at the time and let it fall from my pockets.

Battery life is generally stable with given use. It not being a touchscreen device probably adds to its battery being so extensive counted with the fact that low display lighting is easy to see in midday conditions making this device ever so useful.

My conclusion simply sits like this.
If you need something cheap for a child, sibling, or anyone as a gift, finding one of these should be easy.(?) Not too sure.
As an on the go device, my usage and story should be a slight demonstration as to how reliable it is, though I don't recommend sticking it under a car tire for a proper pressure test. Daily usage, sure! I still go back to this when I'm on the go as I carry lots of items with me to keep me entertained, this comes into use when I need more music.
Grab it if you can find it, use it until it breaks!
Pros: It has a decent screen, purdy GUI, a good amount of memory (at least when compared to iPod's), an SD card slot
Cons: You will often have to reset it because i frequently freezes, I often get a white screen when coming from sleep mode, no rockbox :(
A contractor left this MP3 player behind after he finished working in my mother's basement. If you by any chance get a Zen that doesn't get a white screen after dimming and doesn't freeze, this is a great MP3 player! One last thing is that this MP3 player does not support as much audio files as my much cheaper Clip+ so no flac :frowning2:


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