Creative Labs Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset

General Information

Creative Labs brings you the Sound Blaster Arena USB Gaming Headset, an all in one sound system for the ultimate gaming audio experience powered by award winning Sound Blaster technology. Laptop or desktop? The100% digital USB connection delivers hassle-free, crystal clear audio whatever your system choice is. Powerful built in Sound Blaster X-Fi technology with EAX support gives you unrivaled 3D positional surround sound so effective it’s like being able to see in the dark. Combined with VoiceFX to cloak your voice and Silencer technology to suppress background noise, it’s the clear weapon of choice for the demanding gamer. Designed for extended gaming sessions, its light, flexible headband and soft earpads ensure maximum comfort, Precision Full Spectrum drivers deliver unparalleled sonic accuracy, while the detachable noise-canceling microphone and handy in-line volume control, ensure optimum performance. Sound Blaster Arena – a sensory advantage that’s so good, they’ll say it’s unfair.


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