The GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 Speaker System is ideal for music and gaming enthusiasts. Features...

Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with BasXPort Technology

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  • The GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 Speaker System is ideal for music and gaming enthusiasts. Features BasXPort technology to enhance the low frequency response without the bulkiness of a subwoofer. Plus, the T20 Series II features convenient front access to the volume, bass, and treble controls and the auxillary in and headphone jack, making this speaker system easy and convenient to use. Enjoy well-balanced audio with dedicated tweeters for sharp, detailed highs and robust mid-range drivers for richer, fuller sound. Connect to your computer, MP3 player, LCD TV or other stereo audio sources. A perfectly easy set-up, these sleek speakers come with contemporary black finishing and will fit neatly on any desktop! Package Contents: GigaWorks T20 series II Left and Right Speakers, Stereo-to-Stereo Audio Cable, Dual RCA-to-Stereo Adapter, Power Supply Adapter, Quick Start Guide.

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  1. cutecob
    "Very nice for the money"
    Pros - smooth sound, compact size
    Cons - not much bass
    I got these to replace a pair of Klipsch Pro Media Ultra 2.0 which I gave to my 79 year old father in law. The Klipsch had better highs and a brighter overall sound which he could hear better. I like these because they have a nice smooth sound given the silk dome tweeter and for $100 I really can't complain. I suspect the M Audio series is better at their new lower price point but these are more compact.
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  2. Brooko
    "Good for the price - but not 'giant killers'"
    Pros - Good size, nice design, good mids and highs, very good clarity
    Cons - Bass not as extended as I'd hoped.
    I purchased these after a lot of research.  The kids speakers (on a second PC) went belly-up, so I gave them my Logitech 2.1 set - and ordered the T20-S2 mainly for the smaller footprint (no sub), and also for the increased clarity.
    BTW - the price above was NZD converted to USD at the time of purchase.  Audio in NZ is normally relatively expensive compared the the rest of the world.
    From the manufacturer - the technical
    Speaker power: 14 Watts RMS per channel (2 channels)
    Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 20kHz
    Dimensions (WxLXH) 8.8cm x 14.3cm x 23.0cm
    And the marketing blurb
    High-end, two-piece speaker system engineered for the best music listening experience.
    High-quality woofer drivers with woven glass-fibre cones provide warm mid-tones. Advanced tweeters with cloth domes deliver crystal-clear highs.
    Creative BasXPort™ technology for strong bass.
    Front-mounted controls for power, bass and treble.
    Two inputs for use with different devices without swapping cables.
    Packaging and Contents
    The T20's came nicely packed, with the following contents:
    Two speakers
    Stereo-to-stereo audio cable (2m) - to connect the speakers
    Dual RCA-to-stereo adapter (TV adapter)
    Power supply adapter
    Quick Start leaflet & Warranty & Technical Support leaflet
    Build Quality
    The quality and finish on these (especially for their price) is nice.  They are both unobtrusive, and also quite sleek.  On my minimalist desktop, they look "classy".  They are reasonably solid and weighty.  The housing is black plastic, but the finishing is very good.  The front cover on the right hand side has a 3.5mm for a headphone out, and also a 3.5mm aux-in socket.  There are also 3 controls - on/off volume, bass and treble.  When the speakers are turned on, there is a soft blue glow (neon back-light) around the volume knob.
    Both speakers have gauze dust covers fitted - but these can be removed to expose the mid range cones and smaller tweeters.  This actually looks quite nice if you like this style (see below) but I prefer to keep the dust covers on.
    My one complaint would be that the cord with the powerpack/transformer could be a little short for some.  The cord overall is long enough - just the section from speakers to powerpack was a little short.  For those with a tall desk - it may not comfortably reach the floor.
    Sound Quality
    To be honest, when I first heard these (especially coming from a 2.1 system) I was not that impressed - thinking I'd purchased a lemon.  There was very little bass - although the clarity (mid range and highs) was very good.  After reading all the marketing spiel about the bass port technology I was expecting more.
    After a couple of weeks though - once I got used to the sound, I've found myself enjoying it - and they are pretty good for budget powered speakers.  The highs are very clear, and non-fatiguing.  The mids are smooth.  The bass is quite clean, and is balanced - it just doesn't extend very far.
    **I'd like to add here - that my it was probably my expectation that was out of line.  Coming from a 2.1 system with a sub - these initially just sounded a little flat.**
    All in all though for a desk-top system where you're going to be sitting a couple of feet away from them, these do the job well.  The bass and treble controls could be nice for some people fine tuning (easier to use than dedicated multiband EQ - although nowhere near the same finesse/control levels).  I don't use it personally - so far I've found the tonality suits me fine with everything in the neutral position.
    The T20's also have plenty of volume headroom on my system - I can't go to any more than about 1/2 on the volume knob without it getting too loud.
    I am happy with my purchase of these (although initially I did not enjoy them as much).  They have a great tonality, are aesthetically pleasing for my desktop - and almost tick all the boxes.  Considering that for my critical listening I'm using my cans anyway - the T20's do their job and are pleasant to listen to.  However, I'd be remiss in saying that If I had my chance again, I'd probably pay a little more and go with the T40.
    In short
    - good for casual listening, movies and game playing on a desk-top system.
    - definitely not portable
    - balanced sound, but if you like more bass look for either a 2.1 system, or consider the T40's.

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  3. eriktheg
    "T20 Series 2 Speakers"
    Mids are somewhat receded
    left speaker is a little quieter but its okay..
    The Bass is enough to shake the entire desk and shakes the floor a little too at about 60% volume (also the part where it starts distorting if you don't turn down the bass knob)
    *edit`: I just figured out why the left is quieter than the right.. yet more precise. It is because the right has echo inside the speaker and needs more damping due to the different materials inside of it. The left needs just a little damping at the bottom, the right speaker needs damping around the electronic hardware chip and probably a little on the sides.
    If I need to, I will fully review this product. Or just message me and I will tell you.
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