The noise-isolating EP-630 headphones offer high-quality audio with exceptional bass and crystal...

Creative Headphones EP-630

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  • The noise-isolating EP-630 headphones offer high-quality audio with exceptional bass and crystal clear highs. Soft, silicone earbuds provide a stable but comfortable fit. Includes 3 different earbud sizes for the perfect fit.

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  1. TheJesusGuy
    "Just meh"
    Pros - cheap, light, decent bass impact, decent sound in general
    Cons - highs/treble, they're nothing special
    They're a cheap set of IEMs with decent sound for the £10 price. Not much more to say.
  2. Tangster
    "Good low budget in ears"
    Pros - Cheap, durable, comfortable, reasonable sound
    Cons - quite bassy, 3.5mm jack cover is quite flimsy
    Almost 3 years ago and with the low budget of £20 I set out to buy a pair of reasonable, rugged in ears that could be used as a travel, camping and workout buddy.
    These just so happened to be on sale at £8 at the time, although they more usually retail for £12-14.
    They gave up on me last month, after a fairly traumatic life.
    While not even close to audiophile sound, they are great for the price, with fairly punchy bass and reasonable trebles. The highs were rather lacking, instead of being able to discern between frequencies, they all merged into a high-frequency gloop, so these would not exactly be good for classical or female vocal music.
    However, I still struggle to find anything as good for the price and purchased my 2nd pair almost as soon as it became clear my old faithful had broken for good.
  3. xXSjnHassanXx
    "Good budget cheap earphones"
    Pros - Quite balance for this price range
    Cons - cable wore out
    In my early days to get a good iem, got this on local online forum,
    had it almost 2 years.
    quite balance but a little bass headed.
    high is not that bright.

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