Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

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  1. antonkat
    "My first legit headphones. After some serious research I couldn't find a better deal."
    Pros - Great price/value. Solid bass. Very comfortable.
    Cons - Cord exits both sides (minor detail). Don't fold at all.
    Bear in mind these are my first quality headphones so it is a world of difference from anything I have had previously.  I did a load of research before grabbing these and I am very pleased.
    Out of the box...
        I think these are a good-looking piece of gear.  Aside from the headphones you get the 2.5 to 3.5 mm adapter, a cord extension, and a carrying case (soft, velvety bag).
        Again, never having any high quality headphones before, I was blown away by my CAL!'s.  I expected a big difference but these sound close to some several-hundred-dollar headphones I have tried.  I can hear new details in songs I've heard a hundred times.  I find the sound very clear and the bass is awesome.  You can feel the bass fully and it seems to adapt well with the sound (or source in general).  For example, in a bass heavy rap/hip-hop song the bass hits fully but you don't lose out on the rest of the details.  On the other hand, in a song with little bass (a piano piece, say), there isn't any unnecessary or added bass noise.
        I have used these watching video and they perform here as well.  Watching action is particularly rewarding (just hearing talking sounds high-quality/clear, but really not super special).  Action sounds full and almost seems like surround sound.  I've caught myself looking over my shoulder after hearing a background sound, thinking it came from the room in which I was sitting.
    I can wear these bad boys all day.
        Again, I think these look nice.  Functionally, I would've liked if they had the cord exiting from only one side, but it really not a big deal.  I like how the cord is only about 3 feet (I don't want a huge spool of wire like a lot of "DJ" headphones have).  Plus they do offer an extension cord.  
        I think the biggest design downside for a lot of people is that these don't fold.  It doesn't really bother me because folding headphones really don't get much smaller.  Plus I think this knocks the price down a little and it has nothing to do with sound, so it's almost a plus for me. 
    In summary...
    I think these are outstanding.  At only $60 you can't go wrong if you want a solid, affordable pair of headphones.