Creative Aurvana 2 In-Ear Headphones

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Leveraging on the award-winning Aurvana In-Ear, this rejuvenated model sports a refined acoustic tuning and bolder aesthetics. The precise Balance Armature driver is mated with an acoustic grille design for a detailed and smooth audio response complemented by punchy bass; leading to an overall warmer and fuller presentation suitable for a wide genre of music, vocals or soundtracks. The Aurvana In-Ear’s ultra comfortable fitting and superb noise isolation remains unmatched, offering listeners bliss when enjoying their favourite tracks. The refreshed Aurvana In-Ear’s styling fronts a more contemporary outlook, raring to tame any track with accurate finesse. Relish now to a redefined level of sonic excellence.

Latest reviews

Pros: Sound quality, design, comfort
Cons: isolation, very stiff cables
Comfort and Fit: This pair is very comfortable in the sense that their presence in your ears won't be very noticeable. I fell asleep a few times while listening to music through these earphones, so thats all I can say about them. For fit however, I had to use the largest size of earbuds to fit it into my ears. Isolation isn't very good though because background noise can still be heard even when playing music. It may be due to the vented back of the Aurvanas
Sound Quality: These are my first BA based pair of earphones and I can say that I wasn't very impressed with them when I listened to music with them at the start. However, after listening to it for a few hours, I began to appreciate the details in the music and how well the aurvanas presented them to my ears. I can say that these earphones are more focused on mid but also have clear and detailed treble, but the mids tend to overshadow them occasionally. The bass is punchy and decent, but it definitely isn't suitable for bassheads. It is adequate in amount and depth though. Soundstage is a bit above average IMO, and the instrument seperation is quite obvious in the background. All in all, this pair of earphones are mid-centric in sound and have a warm and smooth sound signature.
On a side note, the accessories are very good and I really appreciate the hard case pouch included with the others like airplane adaptor, cleaning tool and 2 pairs of earbuds for each size available. 
Overall, I am very satisfied with these aurvana in ears 2 and even though they are a tad pricier for a single BA earphone, I think that these are well worth the price and can compete with better sounding earphones. 
So, I will definitely recommend these pair of earphones to those who are looking for single BA based IEMs!!!
Pros: Good balanced sound, comfy, look great
Cons: Cable is iffy, stock tips not ideal (for my ears)
Had these for a month and I thought I would write a review on them, since there isn't much info on them other than ClieOS' great review :smile:. I will try to be quick and to the point.

Starting off with comfort and fit, these have pretty small housings so it is easy and highly recommended to insert them deep. I like to insert very deep, almost etymotic deep to get the best sound. I don't like using the stock tips though. I much prefer using Soundmagic/Brainwavz bi-flanges, and I had to make an adapter to use them by cutting off the stem of a pair of the stock tips. They can be worn comfortably over-the-ear.

Build is good for the most part. Metal housings, plug, y-split, and chin slider with a no-frills design. Looks classy. The only thing that concerns me is the cable as it is starting to harden with use. For reference it feels like the same material that is used on the Panasonic HJE900's cable.

Now to the sound (Disclaimer - im not very confident with how I describe sound, but will try my best) : with the stock tips it is a somewhat mid-focused iem. Bass has a surprising amount of impact and plenty of body for a BA but it isn't the highlight of the phone. To my ears the bass is above neutral, with abit more quantity than a GR07, for example. Mids are "full and dominant" to quote ClieOS and are clear and detailed, with vocals often pushed forward with good texture. Treble was not to my liking at first; it was smooth without much sparkle and made the Aurvanas sound abit too warm and dull overall. That changed once I stuck the biflanges on. They allowed for deeper insertion and with the bigger bore, highs were bumped up abit and out came the sparkle along with more detail. Soundstage is average in size, imaging and separation are pretty solid.

Something to note - I do prefer the sound of a v-shaped FR, so I often bump the bass and treble up on the EQ with these, and they respond well. (edit 3/2012 - I seem to have adjusted to the signature of these after such a long time with them, and never really feel the need to EQ off the bat any more :smile:)

Overall im very satisfied with the Aurvana, especially at the price I paid. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them at $80 either, which is the price I see them going for using google product search. I feel they stack up pretty well with the Etymotic HF2/HF5. I havent heard any similar single BA iems around the same price range, but would love to compare them with the Aurvanas; namely the Meelec A151 and Phonak PFE 022

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, and I hope this prompts more people to pick up and enjoy these very nice IEMs :ksc75smile:

edit 3-12-2012
- Well, after close to year the cable on my Aurvanas finally gave out. I went ahead and tore the old cable out and replaced it with a donor cable that came off a black Meelec M6, and all is well. Strangely enough, I think the cable change affected the Aurvana in a positive way. Could just be my mind playing tricks on me, but it sounds like the upper mids are abit more prominent, and the treble extends out abit further.
well...i had a chance to just listen to them at a fair in Kathmandu..although i didn't get sufficient chace to reallly listen to them well, i could tell that they were awesome...!!and a key part of this IEM i think is its sound isolation..with the stock tips...i was in a fair..where there were over 300 different stall playing their own music..its was noise alley...!! and yet the moment i put in the IEMs..the sound was almost completely cut out..most of the remaining external sound was coming through my body than through my ears..!! and yes..ur right about their mid range ..its rather dominant in these pairs..! but the price here is too high...almost $100...


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