COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black)


New Head-Fier
Pros: Precise Equalizer with many features, music plays for 110 hours straight on a full charge
Cons: Huge, heavy, proprietary usb cable, resistive screen
After having several ipods and such i wanted to crank up my audio quality.
I heard many positive things about cowon and i wanted to give it a shot so on a most fortunate day i found a nice Cowon X7 120GB for 136.00 (+ shipping) on ebay .
I used to have a 32GB ipod touch and a Creative zen X-fi 32GB but they were not just the thing i was looking for.
The Cowon X7 has superb audio quality and with the versatile equalizer it sounds good with almost any headphone.
After reading a couple of negative reviews and positive i still am glad i made the purchase.
The housing looks a bit like a gps system with its big screen and square shape but i kinda liked what they did there.
I noticed that the screen refreshes at a low rate and the resolution isn't that high.
The video quality is acceptable, everything goes smooth and the built in media player functions are somewhat cool to use.
There is also a built in flash player which is actually pretty good for a device with these specs.
Bluetooth control is supported and the audio quality is pretty good.
The screen is really responsive but, i should carry a touchpen with you as it's sometimes not very finger-friendly.
The device is pretty heavy and huge but will probably fit your pockets.
The biggest con for me is, it uses a proprietary usb cable which wasn't included with mine so i had to order two from Hong Kong which could take a couple of days/weeks.
I also heard that the battery can be so badly drained that it wont turn on or charge but most of the users seem to get it fixed after charging it for a day or two
If you care only about audio quality, a big battery which lasts for 110 hours and many albums which you can always carry with you, this is your deal although it can be a little expensive when you pay the retail price.
holy omg moniseofhiwdesvhhofwvgfiw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$136? I'm so jealous XDD
Hi Daan, check out the various UI upgrades available for the X7. It really makes the interface a lot sexier and easier to use. Google "Cowon X7 leaf, sense, lynx" then add all three and enjoy your X7 even more!
Great review by the way - as a long time X7 user I completely agree!
big and a bit bulky, but sound quality is really *good*... the screen could be more sensitive, the UI sexier, etc etc... but it's basically an audio player, the storage size is huge, the autonomy is almost endless and  i can have all my records a few clics away from my finger
I have owned mine since a couple of years , used in many air trips and i just like it , and I would buy it again i think.