Cowon S9 8 GB Video MP3 Player with Touchscreen (Titanium Black)

General Information

3.3-Inch 16:9 Wide AMOLED, 16 million colors, res. 480x272, ultra portable Play all your digital entertainment: movies, TV shows, photos and music Touch sensitive interface Bluetooth, Voice recorder with internal microphone, FM radio and TV-out supporting composite connections Maximum 11 hours of video playback and maximum 55 hours of audio playback

Latest reviews

Pros: EQ, audio quality, video quality
Cons: weak buttons, the plug is at the bottom, no speaker and no microsd slot
The best mp3 i've haerd, lot of EQ modes, BBE is awesome, the video quality is very good, the battery life is veeeery long, but the upper butons are weak and you can't create a playlist withput computer


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