Cowon O2 32 GB Video MP3 Player (White)

General Information

4.3-Inch Wide LCD, 16 million color, res. 480x272, ultra portable; Play all your digital entertainment: movies, TV shows, photos and music; Touch sensitive interface; Voice recorder with internal microphone, built-in stereo speakers, and TV-out supporting composite connections; Maximum 8 hours of video playback and maximum 18 hours of audio playback.

Latest reviews

Pros: BATTERY LIFE! Sound Quality, Media support ( just about Every audio/video codec imaginable), expandable, speakers
Cons: UI, a bit bulky, apparently very fragile screen
I bought this player a few years ago, and wish I still had it...
This player sparked my interest into higher quality music, and I absolutely loved it.
There are a few different options on the O2 for storage space, 32 gigs being the biggest, but all are expandable via an SD card slot. 
The audio quality was great, I had it paired up with a then new pair of Sennheiser HD485's  and the battery lasted AGES. Well over a hundred hours of music, and something like 8-10 hours of video.

The player supports just about any format you can think of for both audio and video. No encoding needed, just plug it in to the computer, and drop the files right on in. The player had some audio enhancement options including an interesting 3d surround sound option, and an equalizer, as well as subtitle support for video. Standard Def. Videos look VERY good on this player, the screen is bright and colorful.  I frequently used it to watch shows on my lunch breaks.

The O2 is a bit large, but still fit into the pocket of my jeans (Though the large exposed screen made me not want to do that very often, as I can be clumsy sometimes). It came with a small wedge which you can loop through one of the corners, and it functions as both a stylus and a sort of prop-stand for putting it upright on a table, which I thought was very useful. It also has a small built in speaker, which works to a fair volume, but don't expect too much of it. It's very tiny after all.
The only thing wrong with the player was the user interface. It functions as it's meant, but the icons for buttons and files in lists were small, and it was easy to miss your target, buttons on screen corners could take a few tries to hit, and there was quite a bit of navigating through the player. Once you figure everything out and get used to it, this really isn't a huge problem, but that takes a little while, and it could have certainly been refined a bit. 

The reason I Don't have this player anymore is tragic. 
Getting out of the car one day, I had it in my left hand (I'm left handed), and as I got out, somehow it got loose from me, and fell fairly gently 3-6 inches landing face-down on the driveway. I picked it up and to my horror found a pointy grain of sand had been JUST tall enough to go past the small gap between the case and the actual screen in the front to stab it right near the middle, and cracked it! The actual touch film part was fine, but the display beneath was punched. Colors bled into each other, and within a week it functioned no longer. I don't know if that's just my bad luck, or a fragile screen.

For someone who wants good audio quality, and would like video playback without the length and hassle of encoding and loosing video quality, I'd most definitely  recommend it.


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