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Well I've had mine for 3 years and used it every day for commuting in rain(often), sleet, snow and shine and it still works great.
What will cause the crash you've mentioned is corrupted audio files(sorry no pun intended).
Especially files the player won't recognize or viruses.
Firmware update also important.
Irrelevant now though as this player has been discontinued.
Well, that might all be true, but my computer is absolutely virus free. Corrupt media files? Maybe. Can happen anytime, especially with MP3. It's no excuse it crashes so bad it's unrecoverable. Not even a hard reset solves it ... Can't turn it off till the battery is empty.
I haven't had any issues with any of my other players. 
If it happens once, fine, anything can happen with electronics, but twice in a row is a bit odd. Might be just bad luck.
All in all i didn't think it was the best iAudio anyway. Other then it's compactness and mobility where most of their models have (to me) unnecessary mp4 features.