Cowon EM1 In-Earphone


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: cheap, decent build, tight bass, good balance between mids and bass
Cons: lacks detail in treble
These in ears are as cheap as it gets and you get what you pay for. Though when compared to similarly priced in ears a few things stand out.
Build quality and looks are good. It comes with flat, relatively tangle free cord. Also its fairly resistant to micro phonics. It comes with 3 rubber tips, and I could not get perfect seal with any of them. I could hear faint noises. So its decent in that regard.
As for sound, its certainly a better option in its price range. Bass is tight and satisfying. Mids are well integrated with bass and nothing of two stand out. Treble is not extended, but I have not heard an earphone in this price that has decent treble extension. It compliments sound well and nothing sounds veiled.
I recommend these iems if you want something in that budget.