Cowon C2-16BS 16 GB Video Player, Black with Silver

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  1. burninmind
    "The Small Thing!"
    Pros - Great Sound Quality , Great Build , simple but Efficient UI , not too small-not too bulky ,Equalizer presents are top notch!
    Cons - you can't make playlists with it, battery life ain't the best on the market
    it's about two weeks that i've bought it and i'm quiet satisfied with it ... first i wanted to buy the J3 but it's 3.3 AMOLED screen and good video playing was not needed!!
    it's low 16GB (14.4GB user accessible) built in memory won't bother you as long as a shiny 32GB MicroSD is inserted into the slot!![​IMG]
    in spite of it's landscape orientation you can totally handle it with one hand!!
    battery lasts two days on medium usage.
    it's resistive touch-screen is a little out-dated!
    buttons are small and placed right next to each other ... but with enough practice you can press them even when the player is in your pocket![​IMG]
    Audio quality is simply perfect!!!
    you won't regret buying it as long as what you need is a good sound quality![​IMG]