Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System (CA-SP211NA)

General Information

Since you have only one PC speaker system, you don’t want to make sacrifices. That’s why Corsair has created the SP2500.At its heart are six Class D amplifiers driven by an ultra-efficient power supply. The 8" subwoofer driver is housed in a fourthorderbypass enclosure for clean, tight bass response that can seriously shake the room. The bi-amplified satellites usespecially developed 3" drivers and custom-designed, ferrofluid-cooled 1" silk dome tweeters for detailed audio reproductionacross the entire spectrum with great stereo imaging and a generous sweet spot. A programmable digital signal processor letsyou craft the audio to your liking. It’s all under your command with the 1.8" (4.6cm) color display desktop controller

Latest reviews


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Very good overall sound
Cons: Sub is large if you don't have much space
Purchased this system off of Ebay.

Overall very good sound, impressive sound output with powerful bass response, at its price point ($250} I think it is the system to beat, the satellites sound nice and bright and do not get drowned out by the subwoofer's bass output at any volume level, this system will definitely get loud and I did not notice any distortion, I mainly listen to music but it performed well for game and movies also.

My other system is the Edifier S730 which is at a higher price point and does outperform the SP2500 but that is at twice the price, if you can find the SP2500 at $250 or less I don't think you will be disappointed, it is well worth the money and will perform effortlessly and will provide you with a wall of very good sound.
Also EOL and will be no longer available in the UK not sure if it's a world wide change or just UK market Sad times. 
Hopefully they re-introduce them with a 10 in. subwoofer. 8^)


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Huge subwoofer,loads of bass, good sounding, quality build
Cons: Huge subwoofer,lack of midbass,could be a bit more stylish
Picked up these speakers today,overall I'm satisfied with my purchase. There not the most visually appealing speakers but love the 2 way mid tweeter. If you love bass! The huge sub woofer could be just what you looking for or it could be your worst nightmare as it is just that "HUGE!" Overall they sound pretty good  my only complaint would be a lack of mid bass kinda leaves them sounding hollow but i wasn't expecting to much out of a 3" speaker. A 4" mid probably would have made a difference and added to the Hugeness of that sub. The remote control is kinda useless, (having a dsp and eq that you will leave off) it ends up being more of a glorified volume control that functions well and has aux input and headphone out. everything looks really well made  the satellites could have been a little more stylish, but its the sound that matters, very clear,and pounding bass.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Great sound and power!
Cons: Enormous subwoofer.
Fantastic 2.1 speaker setup that I've attached to a modded Creative X-Fi Music card.  Powerful bass, excellent (although wired) remote, and great sound quality. I definitely recommend!


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