Comply T-500 Foam Tips - 3 Pair Pack

General Information

Comply Foam Tips are a premium earphone upgrade that comfortably seal the ear canal to provide high levels of noise isolation and retention. They are made from unique breathable memory foam that is activated by body heat and becomes ultra soft, reducing irritation and fatigue. Once inside the ear, this foam will expand to create a seal, funneling pure sound into the ear canal, enhancing the listening experience. The comfortable seal allows music to be enjoyed without raising the volume level to compensate for external noise. Comply T-500 tips are compatible with the following earphone models: Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 3 Studio, Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 (new), Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro, Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 EB, Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro [ For complete compatibility listing go to ]


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