Comply T-400 Series Foam Tips (Black, 3 Pairs, Small)

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The perfect accessory for your earphones, replacing standard silicone tips to provide increased comfort, stability, and noise isolation. A unique breathable memory foam is activated by your body heat, becoming ultra soft, reducing irritation and fatigue. Fits select earphones from Audio Technica, Denon, JVC, Monster, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Sony, V-moda and more. See compatibility chart for details.

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Pros: Isolation is awesome, Comfort
Cons: Can be over-isolating
Small Talk Review:
Ok, so under heavy construction, office work, daily use, and all the things people do, Rubber Buds have failed tons of other people.
So Comply offers us their Foam Tips, with competition from others that aren't even as competitive in fair reasoning.
Sound Tampering 
I found something unsuitable to a bunch of listeners, and myself included!
With earphones, and IEMs with a sole signature of Warmth[Warm Bass Tone/Hot Splashy Sigs] they tend to really increase the thump, and sometimes splashy sound in these IEMs, which can cause a headache easily, or sometimes be a bit overwhelming. 
Now why do I complain about this? I think it's got something to do with the fit. The fit, and comfort with Comply Foams feels a bit more different than other foams I've tried.
Causing over-isolation, which isn't terrible! But it can be a constant distraction to be on your feet while in public, and also just plain irritable on Warmer Sounding IEMs.
Before I finish my small talk, I want to comment quickly on Cool Sounding IEMs quickly!
Cool sounding IEMs almost get a Treble fix? Odd. But Treble is near miniscule, and gives you a different perspective of a Cooler Sound, with a bit of impact, and slight increase in what seems to be a Hollow Sound.
Almost like a pole for example.
The sound is more compact, but it almost feels as if the Bass Impact gives you a fuller sounding punch, oddly... In a circle type sound.
I really can't describe it much.
Cleaning Talk:
So you're either me, in which you want to make something last as long as possible, or you're the average consumer, the guy who will bow to Comply, and constantly buy their tips.
Either way, a lot of cleaning tips I've seen do not go into much detail at all.
Two Methods!
Soap! - [Easiest way!]
My method on these is fairly simple.
1. Small bowl, any kind of soap without exterminate acids.
2. Warm, NOT HOT water! |Slowly whisk the soap around with your finger before the dip|
3. Apply the tips to the water WITHOUT FULLY SQUEEZING! You only want a miniscule amount of pressure applied by all means.
4. Gently rub your fingers over the surface of the soapy areas, dip in and out preventing too much soap from filling all the morsels of the foams.
5. Use warm water, slow pressuring them, and moving your buds in and out of the water stream while rubbing your fingers on them to massage the soap out.
6.[Final Step] Grab a napkin, not a towel, or anything overboard. Rub the napkin over the whole tip, gently grasping all the water with the napkin, and moving the foams to different parts once the original spot sucks out moisture.
If this procedure is properly done, give them an hours to sit out, and apply them back on!
Hydrogen Peroxide - [Not The Safest, But This Is A Safer Way Than Most HP Methods I've Seen.]
1. Pour HP on a napkin.
2. Slightly, and gently rub the dampened spots on the foams, trying to the get the HP deeper than the foams surface.[Warning: If it gets deeper than the surface of the foams, and isn't taken care of quickly, the foams can potentially start flaking in the future, and leads to falling apart!]
3. Run WARM water, NOT HOT over the foams after the HP has been in for at least 20-25 seconds.
[This process may seem easy, and it is! But without the appropriate amount of pressure, and proper watch, it can go all wrong. HP has chemicals that can safely clean foams, but can also have issues if left in too long which causes them to dry out, and crust!]
With these cleaning tips, how long does yours last?
I've had four pairs of T-400, & TX-400 for about eight months. With the Cleaning Methods I've seen people post on here, some of my first pairs were tested to demo these theories. But the two pairs of T-400, & TX-400s', I've seen a lot of progression with soft, gentle, washing. The stuff I've posted is to prevent you from drying them out, and damaging them. 


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