1. rhannebohn
    "Best sound for less Money"
    Pros - great Sound
    Cons - no manual
    I got this Player (Used) for only $ 50,-. I´ve searched for it before a long time.
    Now i´m really happy.
    But: the better the earphones, the more happy you´ll be...
    Normally I have to spent much more money for such great sound!
  2. burnwaygta4
    "Qualitative modification of the player"
    I made a modification of the player that lifts the sound to TOP portable players. Details here(http://www.head-fi.org/t/564517/colorfly-ck4-first-review/225#post_9762627)
  3. bitlisz
    "The Real Portable HiFi"
    Pros - Sound quality, line out, used material (metal frame), 24bit/192kHz support
    Cons - Bugs in the software, only wav supports high resolution, no cue support
    The sound quality is very good from the line out.
    I think one of the best sounding DAP here, but for sure in the top 5!
    The sound is balanced/neutral and detailed, the music background is really black (! later).

    I can feel real atmosphere, the instruments are in right positions, not "in the face".

    The bass goes to deep enough without any eq, and dynamic too. (with IEM: Audio-Technica ATH-CKM55)


    The headphone out can drive low imp headphones, but I can feel the bass rolloff on 56Ohm, and the volume is not enough at all. (with: SUPERLUX HD668B)

    I feel sometimes that the sound maybe a bit weak (not energetic).


    With Headstage Arrow 12HE (3G) the sound perfect (!)


    The real drawbacks:

    - some clicking noise during high resolution playback

      like static discharge or playback of vinyl rip

      nearly every 10 sec is at least one...and it seems on higher resolution worse)

      maybe firmware bug?

      I translated with google the C4 firmware release log, and found this: "revised WAV format compatibility issues"

    - only wav supported for high resolution playback (>48kHz/16bit) ->

      hard to fit in the 8GB+uSD (I have 8GB uSD in my phone, but thinking on 16/32GB too)

      There is a need for Flac too. -> 32GB uSD is works for me.

    - no cover art during playback

    - the big screen is without touch technology (i dont care)

    - user interface, I mean really simple, and the keys at the top with strange order, but I can still use it, and can learn after a while. At least it is responsive and works fine

    - the Line Out can be changed by Volume control

    - maybe the battery life only average (but at least >8hours)

    - somebody cannot use the EQ funtion


    Tested: mp3/flac(44.1/16 48/16 44.1/24 48/24 88.2/24 96/24 192/24)/wav (same)

    Not tested: wma/ogg/ape..., video playback (I don't really care about this)


    I already tried to contact with the Chinese support for firmware update.

    They told they are working on that and expected in 2011 may.