Cogoo A6 Earphones

General Information

A6 Top-level Alloy Metal Earphones with Bio-Cellulose Diaphragm

The A6 earphones provide top-end comfort and sound quality. The closed type earphones were designed for listeners who covet exhilarating sound. This item is compatible with devices with a standard 3.5mm earphones socket, Ideal for use with MP3,CD,DVD players, portable game systems,laptop computers and mobile phones ( 3.5mm jack plug ) .

·Brushed aluminum alloy housing for durability, light weight, and portability
·Standard 3.5 mm jack plug
·1.2m(47in.) asymmetric Cable (long-short type)
·Top-level alloy metal design earphones provide stellar sound quality
·Bio-cellulose diaphragm
·Neodymium magnets for max power
·Excellent sound quality
·Ultra comfortable cotton
·Color: Available in Titanium Gray, Gold and Pink


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