Coby MP705-2GBLU 2-Inch TFT Color LCD and 2GB Flash Memory with FM and Touchpad Control MP3 Player (Blue)

General Information

Coby MP705-2GBLU MP3 player with 2" full-color TFT LCD, 2GB flash memory with FM and touchpad control, super-slim design, display resolution 176 x 220, integrated flash memory support, format supports; audio: MP3,WMA,OGG and video: WMV,FLV,AVI, and photo: JPEG, BMP, GIG, GIF and text:TXT, DRM support: WMDRM10, OSD menu multi-language, FM tuner, 3.5mm stereo plug for use with most audio devices, USB 2.0 hi-speed for fast file transfers, auto play time 8hrs, blue


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