Coby High-Performance Professional Studio Monitor Headphones CV320 (Silver)

General Information

Coby Electronics is a manufacturer of quality consumer electronics products designed to deliver outstanding performance for value conscious consumers who do not compromise on product performance. Coby incorporates new designs with innovative technologies to produce great looking and great performing consumer electronics products.PRODUCT FEATURES:Featuring dual volume controls for single-side monitoring or personal adjustment;Professional digital sound quality;Powerful 40mm drivers for super bass;Adjustable headband for maximum comfort;Single-sided cord;3.5mm stereo plug.

Latest reviews

Pros: Surprisingly rich, balanced sound; low price
Cons: Every thing else
I usually don't review a product after a few days of using it, however I'm not sure how long these will last lol. I got these essentially for "free" since I used a credit card rewards program to purchase them.  Here's my initial impressions, good, bad and indifferent, of the Coby CV320...
Deceptively good sound!  The bass is acceptable, and they are "brighter" (a good thing to me) than any other Coby headphones I've tried.  Mids are a bit muffled, and the soundstage seems a bit distant to me, but they still deliver very enjoyable sound relative to their price, if you can find them below $10.  They are HUGE on your head...people might chuckle, but your headphones probably sound better than theirs, even if they don't look better.  
Build quality is decidedly low rent...all plastic construction which creaks and groans into the music while turning one's head even a little.  Solution? Turn up the volume!  You'll have to turn it WAY up with these to enjoy them, I do not blast my music, but on some of my media players I have to crank them almost to the hilt to get a good volume.   I guess they are inefficient, but once turned up, they sound very good.  I listen to mostly classic rock, 80s new wave, and new alternative/indie rock.  Not terribly bass heavy music, with the band Interpol being a notable exception, and they sound great on these!
They are NOT very comfortable...these fit completely over your ears. They definitely stay in place, but you probably won't be a happy camper for too long.  The pads aren't too bad, and sweating hasn't been an issue but it's winter here in NYC...I'm sure summer would make these unbearable.
I love finding a cheap product that performs like it's much more expensive brethren.  It basically points out how inexpensive it is to create very good sound in sweatshops across China.
Are they worth buying?  Probably not if you have access to the competition in this price range.  But if you don't, or just like having lots of headphones (like me), these may be a fun addition to your headphone arsenal for as long as they last.
After using these for the past few weeks, I have downgraded my review from *** to **.  This is based on the comfort (or lack thereof) issue.  It's warmed up considerably here in NYC over the past few days, reaching up into the high 50s with high humidity. 
Although I am still very impressed with the sound quality, it is of little value if your ears are sweating after about 30-40 mins of use necessitating a switch to a different headphone (usually my Koss Porta-Pro, or more likely my Noontec Zoros).
Therefore, if you would like to try them, and you still should if you like putting electronics to the test, you have been forewarned!  Oh, and I failed to mention this originally: the stock picture you see here is slightly different than the CV320 I received, namely, there is NO red light on the set has individual volume controls in the same spot.


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