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  1. Wretched Stare
    Another Cleer product that's worth looking at
    Written by Wretched Stare
    Published Oct 20, 2019
    Pros - Build quality, light wieght excellent battery life and comfort. USB-C and a Pleasant sounding signature.
    Cons - No dedicated 3.5 jack but adapter included , no hard case but pouch.
    At the time of this review I have unsuccessfully been able to deplete the enduros battery using it for over a week now.
    Build quality is excellent and a similar shape to the Cleer's Flow but a lighter build.
    Comfortable for the very long listening sessions I've had it with this headphone.
    I'm grateful that nothing was in at the time so I could devote everything to this device.

    You know right off the bat that the Enduro does have a little more low-end then the Flow but is still balanced through the mids and highs following the Harmon curve with a superbly smooth L shaped signature, the Enduro 100 had good details with the nice punchy Bass that didn't encroach upon the mids. Soundstage is pretty good for a closed back as well with a decent width.

    I found it to be both a comfortable and competent Bluetooth headphone from Cleer audio. 20191016_101523_HDR.jpg
    My thanks to Cleer for the review sample.
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