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Chord poly

  1. NaiveSound
    Chord poly
    Written by NaiveSound
    Published Jul 5, 2018
    Pros - None
    Cons - Bad built quality and function, poor battery life, no file control via Bluetooth, constant drop outs, freezes, glitches, no app support for Android. Bent in shape. Expensive,
    A streaming module meant to be attached with mojo.

    Horrible quality in built and execution. Constant drop outs, bad customer service from Chord. No app support for Android , even after a full year on the market.

    It's bent, poor battery life, locks up, freezes. No file control support via Bluetooth. Relies on other apps to play music.

    Horrible sound. Mojo sounds better without poly 20180126_214420.jpg 20180126_214420.jpg