Chord MX Series TX headphone amplifier

General Information

The TX is an advanced headphone amplifier with both balanced and RCA inputs, plus a high-quality USB input for music replay from computers etc. though the unit's high-quality DAC. With two outputs, two people can listen simultaneously. Recently awarded a 'Recommended' badge by Hi-Fi Choice magazine, you can read the fuil review below, too.

TX headphone amplifier

• Frequency response: 20Hz-200kHz
• THD+N: 0.06%
• Dynamic range: 112dB
• USB DAC: 0.006% THD; 44.1/48 kHz, USB 2.0 compliant
• Switchable inputs: 1xUSB (B-type), 1xRCA phono pair or XLR balanced pair
• Output: 2x¼-inch headphone jack socket
• Power supply: 12V 0.6A 2.1mm connector centre pin positive
• Dimensions: 160x70x40mm (WxHxD)
• Weight: 0.4kg


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