Chord Chordette Toucan

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  1. Krisman
    "Pathetic first attempt - overpriced is an understatement"
    Pros - Wide soundstage
    Cons - Everything else
    I will keep this ultra brief. Had this DAC/amp on loan for a couple of weeks and got quite a few hours of listening in and was so underwhelmed I actually felt sad at the end of using it. 
    I tried this with Sennheiser HD650s, Beyerdynamic T70p, Audio Technica ATH-900X, Westone 4Rs Denon AH-D600s and the Chord massacred everything it came into contact with. Deeply muddy mids, boomy bass with no definition, highs were all over the place and the when the music got going the mids became so recessed they were barely present.
    At £800 this unit is a complete joke. My Denon audio interface walked all over this thing and cost £200 less, and does midi controlling etc. No excuses Chord, must try A LOT harder!
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