CharmTek TPR22 USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone DAC

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Charmtek Dac/Amp USB-C
Pros: signature warm
increment of the low and medium low
Cons: details and separation could be better
Hello friends, today I'm going to pass my impressions on this Charmtek Dac / Amp USB-C. Sorry for my English because I'm from Brazil and I'm using Google translator.
It uses a Qualcom WHS9415 dac
Works with earphones from 16 to 600 ohms
It has a lot of volume, when using it on a smartphone in a specific player like the hiby music player that has better control of the DAC be careful when connecting directly and already playing the music, first lower the volume or you may even have a hearing loss or burn your earphone.

My brother bought this cable to use on a redmi note 8 that honestly has a very bad sound, it's really bad.
This one arrived extremely fast, it was 7 days.
I couldn't use it more often because unfortunately it doesn't work on my redmi note 8 pro that has a mediatek processor, pay attention to that when choosing.

It has low energy consumption as it says in the ad, it is a very positive point.

As for the sound, it really improves in relation to the smartphone, especially his, which is horrible

The bass has more presence, show more layers.
It also increases the quantity.

Mediums are also fuller and in greater quantity.

The treble is not prominent (generally, except for the case of Idun that I speak about later) which can be an ace up your sleeve depending on the earphone you are going to use with it.

Stage and image.
He does not favor this part so much (note that I say this comparing with headphones of a higher value and playing the shanling m0)
The stage is narrower and with less detail than with the 9218p ess saber from the shanling m0.
I see it as made to please the masses who will not pay so much attention to the stage and details.
But that doesn’t mean he’s bad.

The important thing is synergy with the phone in question.


With the zsx, the lack of impact that is lacking in both the bass and sub-bass has improved a little.

The mids have improved well, it has a thicker tone that is perceived in male voices.

And the peak in the treble was well tamed.
I would say that he married well.

Guideray gr-t20
In the guideray gr-t20, he doesn't match so well, because he already has a lot of low and mids, and not so high treble.
In this case the shanling m0 does a lot better as it has a cleaner and more accurate sound.

Kinera Idun
Idun also gives a good synergy for those who want a more fun sound, the bass increases what is good in this case.
Mediums are a little more weight.
But the treble curiously in this case seems to even increase

It's a great cost benefit for 20 dollars
I recommend the purchase, but remember to research if your smartphone is compatible with it
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