Cffu iPhone Noise Canceling Earphones - Silver

General Information

The earphone is speciafically designed for Apple iPhone. The Metal Bullet Earphone integrated voice functionality gives you the freedom of hands-free phone calls. A built-in microphone with power off/on button, and a shirt clip for comfor and ease of use. The button is easy for music control, just twice clicks to display your tunes. The Metal Bullet Earphone uses the same speaker technology and sound signature used in professional monitors. The noise-isolating in ear design gives comfort to you while creating a seal to the outside world to isolate the outside sound.

Driver unit: 10mm
Impedance: 32ohm?5%
Sensitivity: 116dB?dB
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Mic frequency response: -58dB?dB
Plug: 3.5mm stereo plug
Cord length: Asymmetrical - Left: 40 in.
Right: 52 in.
Color: Metal Green


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