Cerulean X1 In-ear Stereo Earphones Black

General Information

You can experience rich powerful sound from Cerulean X1 earphones. Designed to deliver audiophile quality sound for the demanding listener. They feature neodymium magnets approximately eighteen times as strong as standard ceramic magnets, resulting in rich, tight bass and sparkling highs. But it doesn't stop there, a wide frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz will delight your ears to over 10 octaves of aural pleasure. The X1 also boasts a closed air design that keeps the music in, and outside noise out. After all, the show must go on regardless of how noisy your environment is. Finally, the X1's are built tough to keep the performance going strong for many years to come.The Cerulean X1 earphones come with three different sizes of silicone ear-buds to fit virtually all ears with maximum comfort. The ear-buds are not only comfortable but work to eliminate unwanted noise from interfering with your listening pleasure.


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