DACport LX gives you an Ultra Low-noise, portable USB DAC, over 40 kHz audio bandwidth, 0.0018%...

CEntrance DACport LX Ultra Low-noise, portable USB DAC

  • DACport LX gives you an Ultra Low-noise, portable USB DAC, over 40 kHz audio bandwidth, 0.0018% THD, and true USB plug and play. No batteries are required. Most importantly, you can listen to true 24/96 HD content without the need to install any custom drivers - all these benefits are courtesy of CEntrance exclusive USB technology.

Recent Reviews

  1. devaeron
    Simply Elegance
    Written by devaeron
    Published Aug 4, 2013
    Pros - Zero Background Noise, Clear Sound, 1/4" Output
    Cons - Heat Issue?
    General Sound Impression:
    Got this for about $150 and have this laying around for at least 1 year and 6 month by now, and i only can say that these DAC do sound very nice,
    Paired this little guy with a HD650 and i can say that this DAC have some very clear mids, with a nice sound stage and good layering. For me, the only downside from the sound, might be just that the lack of bass impact, but this can be covered by using some amplifier, so the problem is solved,
    Design Wise:
    This Tube modeled DAC, is only about 12 cm long with simple USB input and 1/4 Jack Output, so this could be a very nice transportable DAC, Also this DAC have some quality build, with an almost full alumunium body, make this DAC looks quiet a premium item, it's just this DAC give a lot of heat issue, but this was supposes to be a desktop DAC so this shouldn't be a problem, but this is really worried me sometimes, as a lot of heat might shortened the life span of this item..
    1. Lorspeaker
      i can power a 600ohm beyer can thru this powerful LX,
      cons: wish there is a vol control like the first dacport.
      Lorspeaker, Aug 4, 2013
    2. devaeron
      yes, i've thr that also, with abouth 70% of volume, the DT880/600 is loud enough
      lol, if there's a volume control, it would be DAC/AMP wouldn't they?
      devaeron, Aug 5, 2013
  2. noobandroid
    VEry good DAC
    Written by noobandroid
    Published Oct 13, 2012
    Very simplistic tube design, 24/96 ready, has a high gain output
    1. lee730
      Great DAC. Pair it with a great amp and it's audio nirvana. Currently using it with my Triad L3 & UHA6 MKII :wink:.
      lee730, Oct 14, 2012
    2. Lorspeaker
      it can power my dt770/600ohm beyer off the macAir....loud enough for my ears, the itune volume setting near max though.
      Lorspeaker, Oct 14, 2012
  3. turokrocks
    My first DAC, and what a DAC!
    Written by turokrocks
    Published Jan 4, 2012
    Pros - portable and powerful
    Cons - Give me sometime, maybe I'll find something
     Centrance LX Dacport is being put to test with my O2 amp, and let me tell you they were made for each other.
    Music never sounded so good. Natural sounds, beautiful and precise instrument separation, the most important thing is balance nothing overwhelms neither the Bass or the treble, but the mids are really what I enjoy, along with the soundstage, not big but it is there and what a stage! My advice to anyone thinking of getting his first DAC, is to make this one on the top of his list.
    The nice thing about both the amp and the Dacport LX is the size , where both can be carried in a pc/any bag easily and you can enjoy audiophile quality music anywhere & anytime. The sound you will be getting from these two is phenomenal in respect to their size, price ratio. Thank you Epiphany and thank you Centrance, you made me happy, and that's what is important.
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    2. turokrocks
      Thank you , This is only the truth about a truly wonderful product.
      turokrocks, Jan 6, 2012
    3. lee730
      I've had it for over a year so I think this unit has staying power :).
      lee730, Nov 9, 2012
    4. cooperpwc
      Thanks for the review. I am seriously considering this DAC.
      cooperpwc, Feb 1, 2013


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