CEntrance - DACmini PX - USB DAC - Integrated-Headphone Amp - Black

General Information

Three Highly Capable Audio Products in One 'PX' stands for 'Power experience.' That's because the DACmini PX adds a power amplifier to CEntrance's popular and award-winning DACmini CX. The DACmini PX consists of, in fact, three highly capable audio products in one. It's a DAC, a headphone amp, and a power amp all packaged in a compact, machined aluminum chassis that looks great on a desk or shelf. A Versatile Audio Hub The DACmini PX is designed to be the centerpiece of your computer audio system. It returns the warmth to your digital audio without being obtrusive. As a mini system with elevated sound quality, DACmini PX offers hours of fatigue-free listening enjoyment. Satisfied owners praise the sound for having "transparent highs, tight bass, and clarity in the mid-range only found in products well above the $1,000 price range." The DACmini PX features 24-bit, 192 kHz performance over SPDIF and 24-bit, 96 kHz over USB. It produces virtually unmeasurable jitter for amazing clarity and definition, and it offers exceptional noise immunity via a galvanically-isolated design. It boasts an analog input, headphone output, and line-level output. It easily streams music from such sources as a Mac or Windows computer, music server, iPod/iPhone, Apple TV, Airport Express, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Squeezebox. 'Class A' Headphone Stage The DACmini PX has a superb sounding 'Class A' headphone stage that can drive virtually any headphones with very low distortion. The headphone stage has no capacitors in the signal path and offers clarity, a large soundstage, and freedom from listening fatigue. The power amplifier with beautiful 25-watt-per-channel power output uses a design that is based on the next-generation 'Class D' technology. It easily drives the majority of bookshelf speakers. Placed near your computer monitor, the DACmini PX becomes the core of a very powerful and versatile desktop audio setup.


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