Celsus Sound Gramo One Reference-grade Open-back In-ear Headphone


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Pros: great bass and wide soundstage
Cons: no isolation, no mic or controls
Full review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/761288/review-celsus-sound-gramo-one-a-fantastic-open-backed-earbud
These were my closing thoughts:
Headphones and iems have come a long way in terms of public acceptance and what “typical” consumer pricing should be, but earbuds still have this stigma of being poor both in price and sound quality. Well, I hope the Gramo One will start changing people's minds on that (yeah yeah, probably nothing will actually do that unless your name is Apple or Sony).
I consider the sound quality on par with IEMs in roughly the same price bracket.
The applications of an open backed earbud may seem very narrow at first, but take a moment to consider when you'd like to have music playing but don't want to lose awareness of your surroundings. It may be more useful than you realize, and if that appeals to you, definitely keep the Gramo One on your shopping list.