Cavalli Audio EHHA (Embedded Hybrid Headphone Amplifier)

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An high quality, hybrid DIY design.

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Pros: Incredible detail, lush treble, wonderful mids, neutral presentation
Cons: Bass impact isn't quite as good as the Bijou, but more natural than the Bijou
I don't have a lot of time to write a full in-depth review, and I only have about 2 hours on the amp so I haven't gotten a full sense of it yet.  I will change the pro's and con's if this change drastically, but I doubt they will.
***** I'm using Telefunken ECC88's *****
***** $680 is the price I paid for parts + case + accessories only, not including the labor I did on it *****
Basically, this is an incredible amp.  It has detail that is unmatched in my experience, with incredibly lush treble.  A very smooth midrange presentation is well balanced and neither forward nor recessed.  The bass is neutral, as is the rest of the presentation.  
There is slightly tubey sound, but not nearly as tube-like as the all-tube Bijou.  Therefore, it isn't as warm (more neutral) as the Bijou.  The Bijou is more musical, but the EHHA Rev A has a drier, more natural sound.  The bass is a bit warm in the Bijou, so the EHHA Rev A sounds almost bass-light in comparison.  Nevertheless, the EHHA Rev A isn't rolled off -- its just more neutral.
All together, I'm ecstatic about the EHHA Rev A.  The detail, clarity, neutrality all add up to be one awesome amp.
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