Cavalli Audio Bijou

General Information

The Cavalli Audio Bijou tube amplifier is an all tube DIY amplifier based on the Flutterman OTL design.

Skylab at Headfi Forums - “. . . the Bijou sounds lovely, and is a very, very musical sounding amp.”

Tai West at Headwize Forums - “I think this amplifier has awesome dynamic range and is the most enjoyable amplifier I own.”

Dizzyorange at HeadFi Forums - “The sense of dead black space surrounding a solo vocal is the best I've heard.”

Latest reviews

Pros: Detailed, Warm, Powerful, NFB, Mods available
Cons: Runs hot, can't be bought in stores
Note: Price of $350 is in PARTS only.  You've still got to build the thing.
I don't really have time right now to write a full review, but there is a great review done by Skylab here:


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